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Country Woman is a bimonthly magazine with subscribers across the United States and Canada. Published since 1970 for women who live in or long for the country, this magazine celebrates their diversity, strength and spirit.

Positive, upbeat, entertaining and informative, Country Woman reflects the many roles and interests of its readers through profiles of women and their lifestyle.

Each issue features a large food section filled with mouth-watering, down-home recipes for today’s cooks, including winning recipes for the issue’s contest. There are also ideas for easy and frugal country decorating, casual entertaining, fun and appealing crafts, garden tips, lifestyle stories, health advice, puzzles, nostalgia and more.

Our readers say that every issue of Country Woman feels like a chat with a good friend over a cup of coffee. Subscribe today or give a gift of Country Woman.

If you would like to advertise in Country Woman, please download our media kit here or contact Wendy Lay, Editorial Sales at 414.423.3736 or wendy.lay@rd.com for more information.

Farm & Ranch Living was launched in March 1978. From the start, readers were told that this wasn’t another agri-business publication. Instead, it would help folks who believed there’s no better place to live or work than on a farm or ranch share their beliefs and experiences with others of the same mind. The magazine was an immediate success—and it still is!

Since then, Farm & Ranch Living has worked hard to be inspiring, heartfelt, entertaining, friendly, warm and fun to read. The magazine is published six times a year and recently launched digital editions. If there’s something you love about Farm & Ranch Living that you want more of, or if have an idea you want to share, be sure to let us know!

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If you would like to advertise in Farm & Ranch Living, please download our media kit here or contact Wendy Lay, Editorial Sales at 414.423.3736 or wendy.lay@rd.com for more information.