Ana White Homemaker

Meet featured blogger Ana White (Ana White Homemaker) and get a craft tutorial from her blog.

Ana White Homemaker

Ana White Homemaker

Ana White of Ana White Homemaker

Wall ledge shelf with picture frames

Wall Ledge Shelf

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Ana White HomemakerWall ledge shelf with picture frames


Ana White is a homemaker in the truest sense of the word. She and her husband built their home in rural Alaska themselves, board by board, and then filled it with sturdy DIY furniture. Here we chat with Ana about her blog, Ana White Homemaker (

How did you start woodworking and building things, and when did you start blogging about it?

When we moved into our home, we had no furniture and slept on a mattress on the floor. Unable to afford furniture I saw in catalogs and unwilling to purchase lower quality items, I decided to try making my own. My first project was a farmhouse bed. I spent $80 on boards, and we still sleep on it today!

I became obsessed with designing and building my own furniture and went on to furnish our entire home. I wanted to share the happiness and sense of accomplishment my hobby gave me with other moms and dads. I started sharing my plans on my blog, four years ago, and since then, I’ve contributed hundreds of free plans that have been used worldwide.

What changes has your blog undergone since you started? Have there been any memorable surprises?

The heart of my blog has changed very little. I offer free easy plans that I work hard to make as doable as possible. The biggest surprise is how fast the blog has grown.

What kind of relationship do you have with your followers, and which projects have been most popular?

I am a servant to my readers. I do my best to listen to what they want and deliver fresh plans to them. Things change with seasons and trends, but I find the most well-received plans are those that are simple, require minimal tools and are inexpensive to make.

Do you have any DIY projects that a beginning handy gal could tackle?

Of course! If you have basic DIY skills, you could make my reclaimed wood headboard. I also have a design for a kids’ picnic table that’s sturdy and super easy to build.

What advice can you give women who are intimidated by power tools?

A drill is simply a hand mixer with a different bit on the end. If I can handle power tools, so can you. You’ll be amazed at how capable you are. Just be safe!

What’s in your purse right now?

There have been times when I’ve had a drill or a saw in my purse, but right now, I have measuring tape, hearing protection, some random screws and sunglasses. Oh, and I should probably dump the sawdust out.

How do you balance crafting and blogging with family life?

This is the great challenge for any mom, working or not. You want to give your family the best possible life, but without sacrificing family time. Since my daughter started school, I’ve committed to only working in my office when she’s at school. I work on projects with her on evenings and weekends.

What’s the most challenging building project you’ve undertaken to date?

It has to be the “Momplex” my husband and I are building for my mom and mother-in-law to live in. We’re no strangers to DIY, but taking on two homes in one has been a challenge—especially when your customer is your mom! We take things very slowly but surely.

If I have any advice for DIY-ers, it’s this: Just do things one step at a time.

(Web Bonus: Check out Ana’s craft tutorial for a simple wall ledge shelf.)

For more information about Ana and her blog, visit her at Ana White Homemaker.

Photos courtesy of Ana White of Ana White Homemaker.

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