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Meet featured blogger Megan Pyrah (Brassy Apple) and get craft tutorials from her blog.

Craft Blogger Megan Pyrah


Megan Pyrah of Brassy Apple.

Zipper ruffle shirt


This upcycled shirt makes a "zippy" fashion statement. Click here for the step-by-step.

Canvas Quote Art


Canvas Quote Art puts writing on the wall. Link to how-to.

Craft Blogger Megan PyrahZipper ruffle shirtCanvas Quote Art


Megan Pyrah is a passionate DIYer who gets a kick out of sewing, fashion, upcycling, design and attempting to be a fun and cool mom. She enjoys helping others create spaces, clothing and accessories that they love, and proving how simple things that “look hard” can be. Here we chat with Megan to learn more about her blog, Brassy Apple (

CW: How did you become interested in crafts and what inspired you to start blogging?

Megan: I’m an Idaho girl who has recently been transplanted to Utah with my husband and our children. I’ve been involved in the arts since I was 3 years old, through dance, musical instruments and art classes. I started blogging to share things my family was doing, along with creative ideas for our home and crafty projects others could try. Now I find I love, make them my own and share that passion by blogging about them.

CW: How has your blog changed since you started? What surprises, challenges or rewards has it brought you?

Megan: My content has gotten better as the years have gone by. My style, skills and photography have all evolved, and I love it! It fuels me to do more. The people I’ve met, TV segments I’ve done and conferences I’ve spoken at have all been so rewarding. I feel blessed for each reader, comment, email and follower.

CW: What kind of relationships do you have with your followers? What posts or subjects have proven most popular?

Megan: I love my readers! It makes my day when they contact me to say they’ve tried one of my tutorials and include a photo of the finished product. I try to mix my DIY ideas with posts that share some of my own life experiences. These are “real” posts that let readers get to know me a bit better.

My most popular posts include a Stenciled Pencil Skirt I refashioned with fabric paint, and the thrift store buys I repurposed into Sweater Pillows.

CW: How do you balance blogging with your family?

Megan: As best I can. It’s a constant adjustment and a lot of late nights. I make sure my family knows they are number one. But I think being able to share ideas with women around the world makes me a better person and mom.

CW: Is there a story behind your unique blog name?

Megan: I love the symbolism of the apple—the forbidden fruit, the country apple, American as apple pie—something that’s ordinary but with a twist. I like to take something plain and add a touch of boldness and showiness. That’s how Brassy Apple was born.

(Web Bonus: Check out Megan’s craft tutorials for a Zipper Ruffle Shirt and Love Quote Canvas Craft.)

For more information about Megan and her blog, visit her at Brassy Apple.


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