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Meet featured blogger Cathie Filian (Cathie & Steve) and get craft tutorials from her blog.

Cathie Filian of Cathie & Steve

Cathie Filian

Cathie Filian of Cathie & Steve

Pink washer pendant necklace

Washer Pendant Necklace

Use washers from the hardware store to make awesome jewelry. Click here for the how-to.

Washcloth pig puppet

Washcloth Puppet

Click here to learn how to make fun bath puppets out of washcloths.

Cathie Filian of Cathie & StevePink washer pendant necklaceWashcloth pig puppet


Handcraft designer, author and TV personality, Cathie Filian never met a craft project she didn’t like. Along with her business partner, Steve Piacenza, she created, produced and co-hosted Creative Juice on HGTV and the DIY Network and helped produce TLC’s Craft Wars. Here we chat with Cathie about her blog Cathie & Steve (

CW: How did you become interested in crafting? When and how did you start blogging about it?

Cathie: I grew up in the Midwest and have been crafty since I can remember. My grandmother taught me how to sew when I was eight, and my love for stitching followed me to Ohio State–where I earned my degree in textile science and fashion design—and on to Hollywood to design costumes for movies.

Today, I feel blessed to work in the craft industry, helping others dig in and find their creativity. I’ve been blogging for six years, posting about everything from DIY ideas to yummy recipes. My blog is more personal now than ever. My husband, Eddie, and I are in the process of becoming foster parents. In spring, we’ll welcome a baby, making us a family of three!

CW: What kind of relationship do you have with your followers, and what posts are most popular with them?

Cathie: My followers are so creative and insightful. Their energy keeps me posting. Two of my most popular projects are my T-Shirt Roses Scarf and Mod Podge Boots.

CW: Have you found crafting is making a comeback in recent years, with homemade trumping store-bought?

Cathie: Yes! When you make something from scratch, alter a thrift shop find or repurpose an old necklace, you get a sense of pride in what you have made. Anyone can buy it. It takes more to DIY it. It’s the “more” that makes a crafter unique and accomplished.

I also think crafting is bringing families closer as they work on projects together. And creative successes also impact positively on self-esteem.

CW: You and Steve aren’t only crafters, you’re inventors. What crafty product have you dreamed up?

Cathie: Hot Glue Gun Helpers is one of the most rewarding projects I’ve ever been involved in. The tools—a craft mat, finger cap, tweezers, press paddle and wand—take the sting and mess out of working with hot glue guns. Steve and I came up with the kit when we saw a need to protect fingertips around the world.

CW: How do you balance family life with blogging?

Cathie: Actually, my whole family gets in on the action. When my husband wants me to try making a new recipe, he’ll say, “You could blog about it!” My sisters use the same trick to get me to make a craft they think is interesting.

CW: Tell us about your craft studio and what you love about it.

Cathie: Since I spend so much time in the space, I keep it filled with fun and inspiring things. I adore my craft table—it’s the perfect height for me. If I could add anything, it would be a slop sink! A few years ago, my hubby installed a TV on the wall as a birthday present. On big crafting days, you might catch me working on a project with a movie marathon going on in the background.

(Web Bonus: Check out Cathie & Steve’s craft tutorials for Washcloth Puppets and a Washer Pendant Necklace.)

For more information about Cathie and her blog, visit her at Cathie & Steve.

Photos by Cathie Filian of Cathie & Steve.

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