Craftberry Bush

Meet featured blogger Lucy Akins (Craftberry Bush) and get craft tutorials from her blog.

Lucy Akins of Craftberry Bush


Lucy Akins of Craftberry Bush

Model wearing Bobby Pin Necklace


Colorful bobby pin necklace is sure to turn heads. Click here for the step-by-step.

Close-up on paper mache leaf.

Paper Mache Leaf

Paper mache leaves add an awesome bit of autumn to your fall decor. Click here for the step-by-step.

Lucy Akins of Craftberry BushModel wearing Bobby Pin NecklaceClose-up on paper mache leaf.


Ontario’s Lucy Akins has been described as a DIY diva and the Canadian Martha. An at-home mom, her goal is to encourage others to put aside their fears and use art and crafts to express themselves. Here we chat with Lucy about her blog Craftberry Bush (

CW: Has crafting always been in your blood?

Lucy: I grew up in a family of musicians and artists, surrounded by canvases, brushes and paints. So I suppose creativity is in my genes. Early on, I learned art brings beauty to life, and I wanted that for our children.

CW: How did you begin blogging, and how has your site evolved?

Lucy: Craftberry Bush started as a virtual diary and photo journal meant to capture moments our children and I spent together playing, learning and creating. It’s evolved into an outlet for me to share my love of family and art.

Looking back at some of my early pictures and posts, I cringe a little. But in life and blogging, you learn from your mistakes. Now other bloggers and media outlets are contacting me about sharing my projects. I feel so fortunate and honored.

CW: What kind of relationship do you have with your followers? What posts or subjects have proven most popular?

Lucy: I have met and gotten to know some beautiful people. In turn, I hope my readers consider me someone to call on as a sounding board—be it for decorating ideas, an artistic opinion or even spiritual support.

Of my hundreds of posts, among the most popular are the blue mason jars, recycled bottle penguins and my faux glass buoy.

CW: How do you balance blogging with your family?

Lucy: Sometimes, I sit at the dining room table typing a post, with the kids beside me doing homework. Or I’ll load pictures while the potatoes are cooking. I try to do one giant photo shoot of multiple projects in one day while the kiddies are at school or early on a Saturday before the house begins to stir. Most of the time, I blog late at night with my husband—my biggest fan and supporter—at my side.

CW: Do any of your projects go awry? How do you handle craft “fails”?

Lucy: Several projects haven’t made the blog cut and even went painfully wrong. Once, trying to make a candy rose, I tried sculpting with melted sugar and ended up with burned fingertips. My Plan B used gumdrops instead, and my rose lollipops turned out great.

The moral of the story is: go ahead and make mistakes. They are the bridge between experience and wisdom.

(Web Bonus: Check out Lucy’s craft tutorials for a Bobby Pin Necklace and Paper Mache Fall Leaf.)

For more information about Lucy and her blog, visit her at Craftberry Bush.

Photos by Lucy Akins of Craftberry Bush.

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