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Meet featured blogger Sharon Currier (Crafts 'n Coffee) and get craft tutorials from her blog.

Sharon Currier

Sharon Currier

Sharon Currier of Crafts 'n Coffee

Rust and tan DIY Yarn Wreath

DIY Yarn Wreath

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Candy Corn Craft Trees

Candy Corn Craft Trees

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Sharon CurrierRust and tan DIY Yarn WreathCandy Corn Craft Trees


Sharon Currier is a crafting expert who has worked at creating fun projects with products such as Styrofoam for over 20 years. Here we chat with Sharon about her blog, Crafts ‘n Coffee (

CW: How did you get started crafting? When and how did you start blogging about it?

Sharon: I’ve always loved to craft and create. Growing up, I had my own craft room in the basement, and I’d spend hours there just making things. I peddled woven potholders door to door when I was 7. I feel so lucky to work in the craft industry. I started my blog as a way to share craft and home decor ideas using Styrofoam, a product I crafted with as a kid.

CW: What rewards and challenges has blogging brought you?

Sharon: I love it when I feature a craft that gets a strong response. It’s so rewarding to inspire people to create. Crafts bring people together. There is such a community among crafters, whether it’s between girlfriends or generations in a family. In terms of challenges, it has to be the technical side. I’m not a “digital native,” and it’s hard to keep up with changes. But I’m doing it!

CW: What subjects or projects have been most popular with your followers?

Sharon: Traffic skyrocketed when I posted fast, budget-friendly DIY wall art. And our readers are really into holiday decorating. For Halloween, they loved my fun Eyeball Bouquet and Eyeball Topiaries, and for Christmas and winter, my repurposed snowmen made from an old sweater, a sock and a glove have all been hot.

CW: Could you share some tips on crafting with Styrofoam?

Sharon: To paint it, use any acrylic craft paint and a brush with stiff bristles. To glue it, use a thick white craft glue or, if you’re in a hurry, a low temperature glue gun. And believe it or not, you can cut a sheet of Styrofoam with dental floss. It works like a charm.

CW: How do you balance family life with blogging?

Sharon: My daughter is in school all day, which helps tremendously. When she’s home, I try to include her in my blogging activities. I don’t think there’s any way to escape long hours when you’re involved in social media. It seems that I’m always at work!

CW: Working in the craft industry, what’s your prediction for the future popularity of handcrafting?

Sharon: Two things I’ve learned from blogging are that crafters love to share and that crafts create community. As life becomes more high tech, people crave more high touch. In other words, after sitting at a computer all day, people want to make something with their hands, and if possible, do it with friends or family. People have a basic need to express themselves and create. I believe making things and the joy it brings will always be with us.

(Web Bonus: Check out Sharon’s craft tutorials for a DIY Yarn Wreath for Fall and Candy Corn Craft Tree.)

For more information about Sharon and her blog, visit her at Crafts ‘n Coffee.

Photos by Sharon Currier of Crafts ‘n Coffee.