Delia Creates

Meet featured blogger Delia Randall (Delia Creates) and get craft ideas from her blog.

Delia Randall of Delia Creates

Delia Randall of Delia Creates

Delia Randall of Delia Creates.

T-Shirt Produce Bags Craft idea

T-Shirt Produce Bags Craft Idea

Bag the plastic, and make your own reusable produce bags from unwanted T-shirts. Click here for the step-by-step.

Personalized Clothing Labels Craft Idea

Personalized Clothing Labels

Tag your own "brand" of handmade items with Personalized Clothing Labels. Click here to get the super-easy how-to.

Delia Randall of Delia CreatesT-Shirt Produce Bags Craft ideaPersonalized Clothing Labels Craft Idea


Delia Randall is the type of girl who likes to work with her hands and see if she can do it herself. The mom of three, she loves to sew, crochet, craft with her kids and make things pretty—right down to her rainbow-hued toenails. Here we chat with Delia about her blog Delia Creates (

CW: How did you become interested in crafts, and why did you start blogging about them?

Delia: Crafting has been on my radar since childhood days when I raided my mom’s craft room to make fun projects. Now, my most rewarding moments are when my kids gush to their dad about a project we did together that day.

When I discovered the world of craft blogs four years ago, I was hooked. I love learning from other crafters. Plus I feel a connection with these women and want to be part of the fun!

CW: How has your blog changed since you started?

Delia: What began as an occasional hobby has turned into a passion. The photography and creative presentation of my projects has evolved into something I enjoy just as much as the crafting. Blogging has forced me to shed many of my insecurities and excuses and try things I’ve always wanted to do.

CW: What kind of relationships do you have with your followers? What posts or subjects have proven most popular?

Delia: I have such supportive, caring readers. Some of them have become good friends. It makes my day to hear that a reader tried one of my tutorials and loved it, or that one of my party ideas saved them in a pinch.

Some of my most popular projects are my Strappy Flip-Flops, Easy Ear Warmers and the Lego Birthday Party I threw for my son.

CW: How do you balance blogging with your family?

Delia: My family is my everything—so they always come first. But it’s a constant balancing act. (It’s a good thing I’m a night owl!) I enjoy times when my creative passions overlap my love for making memories with my kids. We often have our best conversations over a messy table full of paper scraps and glue.

CW: How do you keep coming up with new DIY projects for your blog?

Delia: Inspiration comes from things my family needs or wants, my love for celebrating holidays, and the creativity of other bloggers that makes me think, “I can’t wait to try that…but with this twist!”

(Web Bonus: Check out Delia’s craft tutorials for T-Shirt Produce Bags and Personalized Clothing Labels.)

For more information about Delia and her blog, visit her at Delia Creates.

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