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Meet featured blogger Stephanie Rose (Garden Therapy) and get craft tutorials from her blog.

Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy

Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy

Citronella candles in basket

Citronella Candles

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Salad bowl terrarium with cactus plants

Salad Bowl Terrarium

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Stephanie Rose of Garden TherapyCitronella candles in basketSalad bowl terrarium with cactus plants


Stephanie Rose’s blog is abloom with nature crafts, yummy recipes and good old garden know-how. A born DIYer, she believes a trowel is as powerful as a paintbrush for creating art. Here we talk with Stephanie and dig into her blog, Garden Therapy.

CW: How did you become interested in gardening?

Stephanie: I started gardening as a way to treat chronic pain and rehabilitate my body and mind. Each day that I spent in the garden, I felt stronger and happier, learned more about what worked and what didn’t, and felt the healing power of the sun on my skin and dirt under my nails.

CW: Why did you begin blogging about gardening and nature crafts?

Stephanie: My blog originally started as a place for me to share my love of the garden and to connect with others. But soon I began getting comments from visitors on how much they loved the idea of gardening but didn’t know where to start. To help them find their green thumbs, I began creating and posting simple DIY craft projects. I made them easy enough to get people outside so they’d have a chance to fall in love with the garden the way I have.

CW: What kind of relationship do you have with your followers, and what projects have proven most popular?

Stephanie: I feel honored that readers take the time to try my projects, and I’m overjoyed when they send me photos of the results. The crafty projects such as Mason Jar Solar Lights, Natural Branch Coasters and Tub Teas are popular because they are fun, easy, inexpensive and make great gifts.

CW: How is gardening therapeutic?

Stephanie: Humans are not meant to be indoors all the time. Getting outside to breathe in the fresh air and feel the earth under your feet can cure a multitude of ailments. From small to large, a garden is meant to serve our well-being, and tending it shouldn’t be treated like a chore. Plus, it’s hard to feel low when you’re surrounded by life, fragrant aromas, beautiful colors and buzzing bees.

CW: How do you balance crafting, gardening and blogging with family life?

Stephanie: I set a goal for myself to come up with one weekend project every week. I also make time to rejuvenate and release stress by exercising outdoors. My balance will likely shift this summer when my husband and I welcome our first child. As a new mom, I’ll probably need garden therapy more than ever. I foresee more fun outdoor projects that can be done with the kids!

CW: Your blog features lots of natural bath and body products. Do you prefer them to store-bought?

Stephanie: I do! I began making my own soap, lip balm and such to reduce my use of unknown chemicals. Now I feel good about what I put on my body because I know what goes in it. My natural skincare projects like Mango Citrus Body Butter and All-Natural Bug Spray get a positive response from my readers, too.

(Web Bonus: Check out Stephanie’s craft tutorials for DIY Citronella Candles and How to Make a Terrarium.)

For more information about Stephanie and her blog, visit her at Garden Therapy.

Photos by Stephanie Rose of Garden Therapy.

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