Happy Hour Projects

It can be hard to find time to get creative, but don’t worry. Adrianne Surian will get you up to speed with her quick and easy craft projects.

Adrianne Surian of Happy Hour Projects

Happy Hour Projects

Adrianne Surian of Happy Hour Projects

Pastel yarn Easter eggs

Yarn Easter Eggs

Click here for a tutorial on this kid-friendly yarn egg craft.

Heart-shaped DIY seed paper tags

Recycled Seed Paper Tags

Eco-friendly and plantable, these seed paper tags are a bloomin' beautiful way to recycle junk mail. Click here for the how-to.

Adrianne Surian of Happy Hour ProjectsPastel yarn Easter eggsHeart-shaped DIY seed paper tags


It can be hard to find time in the day to get creative, but don’t worry. Adrianne Surian will get you up to speed with her quick and easy one-hour craft projects. We chatted with Adrianne about her blog Happy Hour Projects (http://happyhourprojects.com.) and how crafters can make the most of spare moments.

CW: Tell us a little about yourself. How did you get started with creative crafting?

Adrianne: I was always a kid who liked to cut, glue and make things out of other things. In middle school, I made most of my own jewelry, and by the end of college, I started quilting and sewing.

I quit crafting after entering the workforce full-time, but when I became a mother, I spent a lot more evenings at home. I reconnected with my creative side and found a whole online community of creative types. Some of my fellow bloggers are my best friends, despite the distance.

CW: What changes has your blog undergone since you started?

Adrianne:  As much as I like to keep the focus on the crafts and not the business side of things, the biggest change is that I’m fortunate to be making a modest income from my blog. Who knew back on high school career day that making stuff and writing about it would be an actual job someday!

CW: What kind of relationship do you have with your readers?

Adrianne: My goal is to write relatable posts geared toward beginner crafters. I like to take the time to explain not just the how-to, but also the pitfalls of different techniques and how to fix them. I get a lot of email questions asking for tips, and I’m always happy to talk crafts!

CW: Which projects have been the most popular?

Adrianne: The most popular posts are usually the ones that give an original twist on a classic idea, like my Bite-Sized Party Bark recipe craft. My beginner series is also a favorite—particularly my tutorial on jewelry and metal stamping.

CW: Since you’re all about quick and easy crafts, can you share a few tips with fellow hobbyists on how to save time when crafting?

Adrianne: Use what you have on hand. If you can substitute, do it! Rather than viewing each craft as a separate “ingredient” list, look at what substitutions you can make—and when you’re at the store, pick up the essentials you like. It’s usually the run to the craft store that takes the most time.

One last thing (and I know it’s a tough one): Organize your space! You’ll save so much time during your next craft session that way.

CW: How do you balance family life with blogging?

Adrianne: The blogging began as something I could enjoy while my husband was at work and my oldest was in bed. Now that my daughter is getting old enough to get creative, I’m able to do a lot more with her while she’s up. She’s a budding baker and loves to help in the kitchen. I also take weekends off. No posts, and I unplug as much as possible.

CW: We hear you also have a passion for writing. What subjects are your favorites to write about? Ever consider a crafting mystery?

Adrianne: I love writing fiction and participate in National Novel Writing Month every year. Maybe my next effort will take a crafty spin. How about a smoking (glue) gun mystery?

(Web Bonus: Check out Adrianne’s tutorials for Recycled Seed Paper Tags and Yarn Easter Eggs.)

Interview by Kaitlin Stainbrook. For more information about Adrianne and her blog, visit her at Happy Hour Projects.

Craft photography by Adrianne Surian.

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Very nice article and I enjoy the ideas. Easy to do with children and I love the seed paper idea!


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