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Meet Jennifer Jones (I Heart Organizing) and get craft ideas from her blog.

Jennifer Jones

I Heart Organizing

Jennifer Jones of I Heart Organizing

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Jennifer JonesDecorative wall file organizerCoard Organizer Box


Got clutter? A chat with Jennifer Jones is clearly in order. The mom of three boys is all about creating simple, stylish and crafty organizing solutions for family, home and life. Here we talk with Jennifer about her blog I heart Organizing. (iheartorganizing.blogspot.com).

CW: How did you become skilled in organization and why did you start blogging about it?

Jennifer: To say I’m obsessed with organizing is an understatement. After I left my office job to stay home with my three sweet boys, I realized how important it is to have an organized and streamlined home. I quickly turned my organizing hobby into a blog. It focuses on systems that are lovely and blend seamlessly with decor, yet can be crafted on a budget.

CW: How has your blog evolved and what challenges and rewards has it brought you?

Jennifer: It started with a couple posts per month, few readers and itty-bitty pictures. Over the past three years, I’ve taken a photography class and improved the layout and design of my blog. Shout outs from fellow bloggers have helped me grow my audience, and now I’m paying it forward by featuring the talents of my organized readers. I believe we’re a giant ring of inspiration, community and support which is why I love the blog world so much.

CW: What kind of relationship do you have with your followers, and what subjects are most popular with them?

Jennifer: I love and appreciate my readers and try to tell them often what they mean to me, since they are the reason I can do what I love each day. Every comment, email, Facebook like, Pinterest pin and Tweet is special. Readers enjoy organizing projects that are quick, easy and done on a budget, such as creating a DIY storage bin. They also like remedies for organizing headaches such as keeping school paperwork straight and addressing small entryways.

CW: How do you balance blogging with family life?

Jennifer: I’ve learned over time there is no option other than to put family first an d blogging second. I do projects on the weekends and evenings when my kids are at friends’ homes or sleeping. I blog and tend to emails when they’re at school. If I have deadlines, my husband is my biggest cheerleader and is always happy to take on a few extra home and parenting duties.

CW: How do you teach your children to be organized?

Jennifer: I work with them daily to ensure they’re putting their things where they belong. That way, it becomes routine. I create systems that are easy for them to follow by labeling all their personal items with their birth order number so they never question what belongs to who. I put picture labels on their clothing drawers and toy bins so they can identify where things go at a glance. Our family motto is “We work together, so we can play together.”

CW: What is the biggest plus to being organized?

Jennifer: Being organized makes our busy day-to-day life much easier. We have a place for everything which makes picking up the house a breeze. And we always know where our belongings are when we need to run out the door for a night at the ball field or a day at the beach. The time investment and effort in getting organized is beneficial in the long run.

(Web Bonus: Check out Jennifer’s craft tutorials for a DIY Wall File Organizer and DIY Cord Holder.)

For more information about Jennifer and her blog, visit her at I Heart Organizing.

Photos by Jennifer Jones of I Heart Organizing.


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