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Meet featured blogger Amy Bell (Positively Splendid) and get craft tutorials from her blog.

Amy Bell of Positively Splendid


Amy Bell of Positively Splendid

Colorful ruffled turkey T-shirt

Turkey-Time-T-Shirt Finished

Ruffle a few feathers and make your favorite girl this perky turkey T-shirt. Click here for the how-to.

Christmas gift card holder with ornaments and candy

Christmas Gift Card Holder Finished

This festive gift card holder is a doubly sweet treat. Click here for the step-by-step.

Amy Bell of Positively SplendidColorful ruffled turkey T-shirtChristmas gift card holder with ornaments and candy


Having four children in stair-step fashion gave Amy a passion for all things domestic—from sewing to home decorating. Her goal is to create a loving environment for her family and DIY inspiration for her online friends. Here we talk with Amy about her blog Positively Splendid (positivelysplendid.com).

CW: How did you get started with crafting and blogging?

Amy: For me, creativity is a way of life. My mother is an accomplished sewist, and my father is an avid painter. My blogging journey started six years ago as a way to document my son’s adventures for family and friend who lived far away. Soon I began including a few of my craft ideas and eventually shifted blogging gears to focus on creative projects.

CW: Why do you blog and how is it satisfying?

Amy: My mission is to help others tap into their creative potential with step-by-step tutorials suitable for all skill and experience levels. I never dreamed this would lead to so many meaningful friendships with my readers and fellow bloggers. I have been incredibly blessed.

CW: How do you motivate followers to try new projects? Which ones have been most popular?

Amy: I try to make readers feel like they’re sitting down to learn something with the help of a good friend, one who’ll help them with any problems or questions.

They absolutely love tutorials that are simple to complete and don’t require fancy tools. Two popular posts have been my Diaper Box Canvas Bins and Felt Rose Wreath.

CW: How do you balance blogging with your family life?

Amy: I like to set aside a specific time each day to dedicate to blogging, usually when my children nap each afternoon. Also, I include them in blogging projects as much as possible, so they can learn to value creativity from me just like I did from my own parents.

CW: Tell us about your crafting space.

Amy: That would be our kitchen table. I’m thankful my family is patient when we have to clear off sewing machines, fabric, glue sticks and paper before we can sit down for dinner. As much as I’d love a dedicated space for crafting, right now I love being in the heart of our home’s acitivity when I create.

CW: What words of encouragement do you give to the crafting-challenged?

Amy: My parents’ advice has stuck with me throughout my life: Don’t be afraid to make mistakes! Fabric, paint, paper and canvas can all be replaced, and the lessons you learn along the way from creative trial and error will teach you so much.

(Web Bonus: Check out Amy’s craft tutorials for a Turkey Time T-Shirt and Christmas Gift Card Holder.)

For more information about Amy Bell and her blog, visit her at Positively Splendid.

Photos by Amy Bell of Positively Splendid.

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