Prudent Baby

Meet featured bloggers Jacinda Boneau and Jaime Morrison Curtis (Prudent Baby) and get craft tutorials from their blog.

Jaime Morrison Curtis and Jacinda Boneau of Prudent Baby

Jaime Morrison Curtis and Jacinda Boneau of Prudent Baby

Jaime Morrison Curtis (left) and Jacinda Boneau of Prudent Baby

DIY party decorations - Birthday party sign with tissue paper number

Birthday Party Sign

The birthday boy or girl will love seeing their age in this quick, inexpensive DIY party decoration. Click here for the how-to.

Wrapped fabric bowl made from scraps

Wrapped Fabric Bowl

Click here to make a scrappy fabric bowl.

Jaime Morrison Curtis and Jacinda Boneau of Prudent BabyDIY party decorations - Birthday party sign with tissue paper numberWrapped fabric bowl made from scraps


Friends Jacinda Boneau and Jaime Morrison Curtis are on the same creative wavelength. As young mothers, they turned their nesting instinct into a DIY website aimed at helping crafty moms make their lives more stylish and beautiful. Here we talk with Jacinda about their blog, Prudent Baby. (

CW: How did you two team up as blogging partners?

Jacinda: Years ago, when Jaime and I met, we clicked creatively and developed a great friendship. When we both became moms, crafting handmade items for our families turned into a mutual passion. It was Jaime’s idea to start a DIY site together, and Prudent Baby was born.

CW: How has your blog changed as it’s developed?

Jacinda: It will always have a solid foundation in crafting tutorials for families with babies and young children. But as our kids grow, we’re branching out into more family travel and style content. We’ve also been hard at work creating video tutorials for our YouTube channel.

It’s been amazing to hear that our site and our hands-on projects have given people, especially new mothers, a sense of accomplishment. We love to inspire our followers to take up new, creative hobbies.

CW: What kind of relationship do you have with your followers?

Jacinda: We adore them and cherish the community we’ve created together. When Jaime and I have a question about nearly anything, we head to our Facebook page to get information from our knowledgeable network of mamas. They’re always game to try our step-by-step projects. Our Pillowcase Baby Dress and Fabric Tassel Garland are particularly popular posts.

CW: Can you explain the name of your blog?

Jacinda: Our favorite definition of prudent is “acting with or showing care and thought for the future.” That’s what we’re all about. We try to help our readers as they shape who their children will become in the future—whether it’s through sewing clothes, cooking nutritious food or throwing a birthday party.

CW: What are the benefits of blogging as a pair?

Jacinda: It’s been a rewarding adventure to build a successful business with someone you care about and look forward to talking to every day. If anything, we wish that we lived in the same city so that we could share an office and work face-to-face more often. Thankfully, in this digital age, Jaime’s craft room in California and mine in Texas are just an e-mail apart.

CW: How do you balance family life with blogging?

Jacinda: At first, we were blogging in our spare time. Jaime was working another full-time job, and I was at home expecting baby number three. We spent many long nights and weekends working to keep the site fresh with daily projects. As we saw some success, we were both able to make Prudent Baby our full-time occupation. Now, the challenge is stepping away from work and being 100% present during family time

CW: Are you raising crafty kids?

Jacinda: Our children love to craft, and my oldest can’t wait to start sewing. Jaime lets her daughter, Scarlet, dive right into homemade projects, and I’m working on relaxing and letting my girls go crazy with crafting supplies. My 1-year-old son is sticking to mud and finger paints for now.

(Web Bonus: Check out Jacinda’s tutorials for the Birthday Number Sign and the Wrapped Fabric Bowl.)

For more information about Jacinda and Jaime and their blog, visit them at Prudent Baby.

Blogger portrait by  Kristen Rae Critz.

Other Photos by Jacinda Boneau of Prudent Baby.


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