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Meet featured blogger Destri Bufmack (The Mother Huddle) and get craft tutorials from her blog.

Destri Bufmack of The Mother Huddle


Destri Bufmack of The Mother Huddle

Hanging Fabric Baskets


Fun-filled fabric baskets keep toys off the floor, but in easy reach. Click here for the step-by-step.

Fabric-covered button bracelet


Fashionable fabric-covered buttons link up to make a charming bracelet. Click here for an illustrated how-to.

Destri Bufmack of The Mother HuddleHanging Fabric BasketsFabric-covered button bracelet


In a word, Destri Bufmack’s blog is about “sharing”—DIY projects, sewing tutorials, kids’ crafts and more. A former rodeo queen (she used to ride her horse through the McDonald’s drive-thru), she still takes life at full gallop as the mother of two. Here we chat with Destri to learn more about her blog, The Mother Huddle (

CW: Tell us about the women in your blogging “huddle.”

Destri: When I founded the blog, I recruited several of my friends to contribute. Aubrey Horner focuses on kids’ crafts, Kate Johnson specializes in beauty and style, Suzanne Platt covers food and Tina Clark looks at healthy kids and play. I concentrate on DIY crafts. We live in Texas, Arkansas, Kansas and Canada, so this is a great way for us to stay connected.

CW: What do you get out of blogging?

Destri: The biggest reward has been the chance to feel helpful and useful outside of my four walls. This fall, we’re planning to reach out and get our online community even more involved. It still surprises me when I get compliments from readers or requests from the media to share a project. I have to look over my shoulder and ask, “Who me?”

CW: What kind of relationship do you have with your followers? What posts or subjects have been most popular?

Destri: We’re thankful for our readers—especially when they take time to cheer us on and offer valuable feedback. That’s what gives the blog meaning. Some popular posts have been the apron with built-in hot pads, the Knot-So-Hard Flip Flops and the pillowcase dress collection.

CW: How do you recommend getting kids interested in arts and crafts?

Destri: I think kids are very creative and curious by nature, and we parents sometimes get in the way. We have to accept there will be messes, and that projects won’t be perfect or done “our way.” Just have plenty of creative kid-friendly supplies and keep them within reach.

CW: What are the biggest benefits of huddling with other mothers about crafting, cooking and family in general?

Destri: It’s great to relate, collaborate and share in each other’s triumphs. (My husband is never quite as enthusiastic about my craft and decorating projects as my blog buddies are.) So it’s nice to have a huddle that “gets it”—and the support is priceless.

(Web Bonus: Check out Destri’s craft tutorials for Fabric Baskets and a Button Bracelet.)

For more information about Destri and her blog, visit her at The Mother Huddle.

Photos by Destri Bufmack of The Mother Huddle.

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