Fun With Traveling Editor Ann Kaiser

Photo gallery highlights from Ann Kaiser's Country Woman workdays.

Ann practices roping

Ann Roping

Getting into the swing. I prepare to rope my target, as one of my hostesses Chele Needens coaches. Photography by Jim Wieland.

Ann detasseling corn

Ann in Cornfield

Corny chore. I was up to my ears in 1978, detasseling in Janice Swanson's seed corn field in Galesburg, Illinois. Souvenirs were "corn rash" on my arms, a spider up my sleeve and great memories.

Ann with truckload of cantaloupes

Ann with Cantaloupes

Heavy duty. Aching muscles…then sweet satisfaction! I could hardly wait to taste of the juicy cantaloupe after a tough day picking with Barb Ellermann and her crew in Vincennes, Indiana (1979).

Ann cooking at chuck wagon

Ann at Chuck Wagon

Pioneer style. In 1982, I stepped back into the past to cook with Pat Rode of Adrian, North Dakota on a historic wagon train trip. The chuck wagon was a far cry from a modern kitchen, but we had all the basics to prepare good old-fashioned meals.

Ann milking a Holstein

Ann milking

Udderly inexperienced, I attempted to attach the milker without riling a patient Holstein. Carol Schauf put me through the paces at her Sparta, Wisconsin farm.

Ann scrubbing a sow

Ann Washing Sow

Bath time. Lathering a squirmy sow was on the day's list of chores with Mary Junker near Tavistock, Ontario in 1982. We gave baths to all the soon-to-be moms before moving them into farrowing crates where they'd deliver their baby pigs.

Ann harvesting cranberries in flooded marsh

Ann at Cranberry Marsh

Bogged down? I pulled on hip boots to corral cranberries in 1982 at Louise and Curt Olson's marsh in Warrens, Wisconsin. I also drove their harvester with rotating reel to beat off the fruit.

Ann at Disney World pavilion with banana squash

Ann at Walt Disney World

Incredible crop. Tending huge banana squash growing hydroponically in "The Land" pavilion at Walt Disney World (1983) gave me and CW readers a glimpse of farming in the future.

Ann stringing chili ristra

Ann with Chili Ristra

Pretty peppers. After harvesting loads of peppers with Evelyn Hobson in Roswell, New Mexico (1984), one of her employees schooled me in how to string a bright chili ristra.

Ann helping decorate Tournament of Roses Parade float

Ann Decorating Rose Parade Float

Rose Bowl blooms. I helped flower floats after working at the California greenhouses of rose grower Lucy Overgaag and mum grower June Van Wingerden, who furnished some of the millions of blooms for the 1987 parade.

Ann in shepherd's outfit with camel

Ann with Camel

Tall order. I saw We Three Kings in a whole new light while leading Tom in a Nativity that Maxine Hale of Cape Girardeau, Missouri staged in 1996.

Ann mushing sled dogs

Ann with Sled Dogs

Smooth sledding. This hardworking canine team and Nancy Davis (in sled) made a musher out of me at her Anaconda, Montana sled-dog adventure business in 1997.

Ann riding asparagus picking cart

Ann Picking Asparagus

That's the spear-it. Sitting not-so-pretty, I snapped asparagus as I rode in a low-slung picking cart at Teresa Kokx's Hart, Michigan farm in 1998.

Ann helping decorate gingerbread house

Ann with Gingerbread House

Home sweet home. Building houses with Gingerbread Lady Peggy Anderson in Louisiana was sweet fun in 1998.

Ann processing aloe vera juice

Ann and Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe there. On a 1999 workday with Audrey Sigrist of Mercedes, Texas, I peeled aloe vera leaves to be processed for juice or cream. Prickly aloe vera is called the first aid plant and is known for its healing properties.

Ann Kaiser on custom tea harvester

Tea Harvest

Two for tea. In 2011, hostess Jane Knight and I rode the "Green Giant" custom harvester through a field of tea plants. Photography by Jim Wieland.

Ann with frame full of bees

Ann with Beehive Frame

Bee Careful. Hostess Sheri Burns and I examined a frame covered with bees in 2011. I learned how to give queen bees the royal treatment on this honeybee farm. Photo: Matthew Gilson

Ann planting at Glacier National Park

Ann at Glacier National Park

Mountain's majesty inspired me to get busy planting at Rising Sun Campground in Glacier National Park. I helped park ecologist Joyce Lapp in 2012. Photography By KC Glastetter and Jeremie Hollman.

Ann practices ropingAnn detasseling cornAnn with truckload of cantaloupesAnn cooking at chuck wagonAnn milking a HolsteinAnn scrubbing a sowAnn harvesting cranberries in flooded marshAnn at Disney World pavilion with banana squashAnn stringing chili ristraAnn helping decorate Tournament of Roses Parade floatAnn in shepherd's outfit with camelAnn mushing sled dogsAnn riding asparagus picking cartAnn helping decorate gingerbread houseAnn processing aloe vera juiceAnn Kaiser on custom tea harvesterAnn with frame full of beesAnn planting at Glacier National Park


These are just a few of the exciting, unique and challenging jobs Ann Kaiser has taken on for her “Editor in the Country” series. They have taken her to all 50 states and most of the Canadian provinces.

In 1976, young and admittedly “wet behind the ears,” Ann started accepting invitations from readers to “come work a day with me.” Her hardworking country hostesses taught her a thing or two—and put her to the test in many memorable ways as a honey harvester, corn detasseler and camel herder, to name a few.

“It’s a privilege to have been associated with this friendly down-to-earth magazine,” Ann says. “It continues to reflect the diversity, strength and spirit of country women throughout North America.”

Enjoy sharing Ann’s photo travelogue of some of her most memorable adventures.

sue ellen eckhart 1 September 17, 2013 at 2:29 pm

Ann, I enjoyed your recent article re: Heifer project and appreciate that the magazine devoted such a large space to such a worthy cause. I have visited a Heifer site in western Maryland
at a campground associated with the Brethern church. Are you familiar with this one? They also host overnight groups. I am sure the article will result in some donations to this wonderful program.


Sue Fraser 2 October 9, 2013 at 1:31 pm

Hello Country Women.
A few years back I was graciously asked to be on the cover of Country Women Magazine. I accepted. What a thrill to tell my story. My husband Rick races a Chuckwagon here in Alberta Canada during the summer months. I wanted to know if Anne still travels out and spends a day on the job with others. Because if she does, I would like to invite her out to come join us along our Chuckwagon trail next summer if possible. It would be a great experience to see how things operated traveling with 2o some horses and crew.

Thanks for listeneing.
Sue Fraser


sharon 3 October 9, 2013 at 1:57 pm

Hi, Sue, It’s great hearing from you. Ann indeed is continuing to travel across the country on various fascinating workdays. We’d suggest you, and anyone else who’d like to extend an invitation to Ann, email Tell us a bit about you, and what you propose you’d have Ann doing during a visit. If it sounds like a good opportunity, we’ll get back to you by email. We look forward to hearing from you. – Sharon


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