A Practical, Artisan Kitchen Makeover

Great storage, artful ceramic murals make this artisan kitchen memorable.

Artisan Kitchen Ceramic mural

Artisan Kitchen mural

Ceramic mural in Jackie Carberry's artisan kitchen shows their fire pit, log cabin and even their dog!

Artisan Kitchen copper sink and dishes

Copper sink in the Artisan Kitchen

Jackie's basket collection inspired the theme on the copper sink front. Behind the sink, a tractor rolls through the fields.

kitchen island detailin the Artisan Kitchen

Island detail

The ample island gives more room for multiple cooks to work together, plus display space for some of Jackie's baskets. Note the oak leaf motif on the corbel.

Plate rack in the Artisan Kitchen

Plate rack in the Artisan Kitchen

More in-sight storage. The bird's eye maple plate rack features mini-drawers underneath, each bearing an oak leaf pull.

Spice rack in the Artisan Kitchen

Pull-out spice rack in the Artisan Kitchen

Spices are stored in hidden pull-out shelving on either side of the range.

Corner cabinet in the Artisan Kitchen

corner cabinet in the Artisan Kitchen

Curved shelving in the corner cabinet offers extra storage and display space.

Custom key cabinet in the Artisan Kitchen

Key storage

This key cabinet, suggested by their cabinetmaker, has proven incredibly handy, Jackie says, to keep keys close and organized.

Breakfast area in the Artisan Kitchen

Breakfast area

Even when the room is not decorated for Christmas, as it is here, the breakfast a whimsical acorn tree Jackie leaves up year round. The floor is antique black cherry.

Jackie and Alan Carberry of Centerville, Indiana.

Artisan Kitchen's owners

Jackie and Alan Carberry of Centerville, Indiana.

Artisan Kitchen Ceramic muralArtisan Kitchen copper sink and disheskitchen island detailin the Artisan KitchenPlate rack in the Artisan KitchenSpice rack in the Artisan KitchenCorner cabinet in the Artisan KitchenCustom key cabinet in the Artisan KitchenBreakfast area in the Artisan KitchenJackie and Alan Carberry of Centerville, Indiana.


By Jackie Carberry
Centerville, Indiana

It may sound a little unusual, but my artisan kitchen feels like a mini getaway!

Alan and I found our dream home, on 25 acres of fields and old-growth timber, in 2002. After a little repainting, we moved in, with plans for more work, especially for the dark, inefficient, 1970s kitchen. It needed a complete overhaul—right down to electrical and plumbing.

We spent two years planning, then almost another full one in renovation. It took so long because my husband and I both put in very long hours at Warm Glow Candles, the company we started in 1995.  But we moved the cabinets and appliances from the old kitchen, moving them to a large room in the basement to use during renovation. (And it still comes in handy whenever I need to prepare a lot of food!)

Alan, an electrical engineer,  installed under-counter lights, floor lighting and motion-sensor lighting. I never fumble for a light switch at night!

By day, natural light abounds. Our south-facing windows overlook peaceful mature woods and gardens. The gardens bloom bright all summer, and the woods are alive with activity all year.

I wanted our kitchen to reflect that natural country beauty, so I chose a warm wood tone and an oak leaf motif for the cabinetry. A master craftsman in the area created the bird’s-eye maple cabinets with handcrafted moldings. He designed special  touches throughout…small under-cabinet drawers….shallow key cabinet at the entryway,,,and hidden roll-out spice racks to flank the range.

But what people remember most about our artisan kitchen are the unique sculpted ceramic murals over the range and granite countertops—picturing our gardens and property! The largest, over the range, shows our fire pit (where our three grandchildren like to roast marshmallows), our log cabin and even our dog gazing intently at a treed raccoon. The cornfield scene backsplash behind the copper sink shows the tractors we often see at work in surrounding fields.

These custom murals were created by Jackie Smith, a Maryland artist whose work I’d admired. She and I spent hours on the phone talking, in addition to the photos I sent. The result really captures our lifestyle.

The textured  murals might look high-maintenance, but they’re so easy to care for. I just wipe them down with a little window cleaner and cooking spatters vanish, even after I’ve made chili!

Actually, my entire kitchen is practical. For instance,  having several workstations makes it easy for a group to cook together, and at holidays, we often have a crowd that includes our son and daughter-in-law, plus good friends. And it’s ideal for preparing for our annual fall party. I do all the cooking here for that outdoor gathering, for about 150 people.

Most of the time, though, Alan and I just enjoy the quiet beauty here to unwind after a hectic day.

Click on the link for a better look at Jackie’s floor plan.


A Practical, Artisan Kitchen Makeover Photos by A.J. Boyd

Teresa 1 November 4, 2012 at 7:17 pm

All I can say is WOW! I believe that Jackie’s kitchen is the most beautiful kitchen I have ever seen! What a joy it must be to spend time in your kitchen cooking for friends and family Jackie! I don’t think I would ever want to leave. Enjoy your beautiful space! Great job!


Ramah Meeks 2 November 25, 2012 at 9:02 pm

This is so pretty!


Therese 3 January 12, 2015 at 4:48 pm



Angela Garner 4 May 6, 2015 at 12:14 pm

Is it possible to contact Jackie Smith, the artist who did the mural? We are building a log home in Flagstaff, AZ and I ran across this article that I had kept several years ago. I love the mural and am interested in having this done for our log home. Thank you. A Country Woman subscriber.


Margaret Sheetz 5 May 27, 2015 at 4:54 pm

If you can not find the Original artist, I may be able to help. Although my medium is acrylic, a friend who is also an artist does custom ceramics.
Good Luck, Margaret


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