Blue Willow China

Country kitchen's collectible Blue Willow China dinnerware has a romantic history behind it.

Blue Willow Kitchen 9

Romantic past. The legend of star-crossed lovers carries the symbols that appear in Blue Willow china patterns. Photography by Ce Ce Canton

A True-Blue Tradition

If you share Geri Williamson’s love of Blue Willow China, you should have no trouble finding it. This may be the most popular dinnerware pattern ever created! Part of Blue Willow China’s appeal is the romantic legend the design supposedly represents. The two doves at the top depict star-crossed lovers as they finally fly off to eternal happiness.

An old jingle sung by generations of children details important symbols from the story:

Two birds flying high

A Chinese vessel sailing by

A bridge with three men,

sometimes four,

A willow tree, hanging o’er.

A Chinese temple, there it stands,

Built upon the river sands.

An apple tree, with apples on,

A crooked fence to end my song.

The Chinese-themed pattern was first produced in England in the late 1700s. Since then, dozens of china manufacturers have produced Willow variations, not just in the familiar cobalt blue, but also pink, green and brown. Whether your budget calls for Wedgwood or Woolworth’s, there’s a Willow to fit.

Clearly, Blue Willow remains very much a china pattern worth repeating!


susan 1 March 25, 2013 at 12:26 pm

love blue willow and cobalt is really pretty with it too!


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