Growing Sweet Corn

Growing sweet corn in your backyard is fun and deliciously rewarding. Here's our gardening guide to raising sweet corn in your backyard!

Girl carrying cobs of sweet corn

Growing Sweet Corn In A Home Garden

Sweet corn is a summertime tradition, and there are several flavorful varieties you can grow right at home.


Home gardeners are often intimidated by the idea of raising towering stalks of corn in their own backyards. But, in reality, corn isn’t a hard crop to manage.


You’ll want to plant your seeds, about a foot apart, when the soil temperature hits around 50° or better.


Three garden-friendly varieties to try are ‘Peaches-n-Cream,’ ‘Trinity’ and ‘Ambrosia.’ Since they mature and flower at different times, cross-pollination is less likely, so you’re free to plant them near each other in simple rows.


These plants produce ears with 30 to 35 percent sugar content—sweeter than standard varieties, but without the tough kernel and growing complexities found in some of the super-sweet types. They’ll give home gardeners bushels of flavor.

Maturity and Harvest

Planted together, this tasty trio will keep you in ears all summer. These varieties bear corn about two weeks from each other, at 60 days, 70 days and 85 days from planting.

Written by Lucie Amundsen of St. Anthony Village, Minnesota. Photography by Grace Natoli Sheldon.



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