Keep Lawn Clover Out of Your Yard

Our gardening expert tells how to rid your yard of lawn clover.

White lawn clover in yard.

Lawn Clover

White Lawn Clover can be a good ground cover, unless you don't want it.


By Ann Wied,  Brookfield, Wisconsin

Should lawn clover sprout up in your yard, you have two choices—to accept it or fight it.

Some people plant white lawn clover as a grass substitute—it helps add greenness and adds nitrogen, cutting down on the work and cost of fertilizing your grass.  Others, though, don’t like the look of it, or don’t want the bees clover attracts.

Weed killers can damage an established lawn right along with the clover. So your best bet is to hand-pull it each season before seeds form, and to plant new grass in the open areas.

If you want to use an herbicide, be sure to choose one that’s suggested for the species of turf grass in your yard. Apply it at the recommended time of year, and be sure to read and follow all directions on the label to avoid damaging the lawn. If you need hep in identifying your turf grass, or an herbicide recommendation, check with a horticulture advisor in your local extension office.

About our expert: Ann Wied is consumer horticulture educator for the UW-Extension in Waukesha County, Wisconsin. She teaches gardeners through workshops, hands-on gardening programs and presentations. Ann has a bachelor’s degree in horticulture and agricultural journalism.

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