How to Raise Chickens

More tips on how to raise healthy chickens in your own backyard.



Hen protection depends on a sturdy coop and, sometimes, a faithful watchdog.

By Shannon Somers-Mueller

For fans of good old-fashioned home cluckin’, here are some tips on raising a backyard flock:

• Check out local ordinances. Some cities outlaw owning chickens, limit flock size or require a permit.

• Evaluate costs. Call the nearest feed mill for feed prices, and decide how many chickens you can maintain.

• Get the scoop on coops. Each chicken needs about 2 square feet to itself inside. Be sure the coop can be closed at night so a fox or hawk can’t snatch the chickens.

• Ready the range. Prepare a wire-fenced grassy area where chickens can graze.

• Consult a chick expert. Baby chicks require special care in order to grow into productive adults.

• Reconsider keeping roosters. These cocky guys can be aggressive and noisy. Some cities prohibit them.

• Be a mother hen. Make sure your chickens have fresh water at all times, but don’t overfeed.

• Spruce up the roost. A clean coop helps prevent soiled eggs and guarantees happy, healthy hens.

• Get crackin’. Collect the fresh eggs daily.



Kay Dial 1 March 22, 2015 at 11:26 am

How many eggs does each chicken lay a day. I have never done this but really thinking about it. If I only wanted to start with maybe 4 chickens and can I get them already grown. Will they like you if their already grown.


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