Idea Gallery: Budget-friendly Denim Quilt

Upcycle old blue jeans into a warm and sturdy denim quilt.

Readers just like you saw Country Woman’s blue jean quilt  and adapted it in their own ways. Below is one of our favorite versions of this Country Woman craft.

Reader's lap quilt from blue jeans

Blue Jeans Quilt

I've never written to a magazine before, but then, I've never had a magazine project turn out so well as this blue jeans quilt from the July/Aug 06 issue! I'd cleared out a stash of my husband's jeans that no longer fit; there were enough to adapt the design to make our son a lap quilt for his birthday (above). He loved it an took it to work—everyone there was amazed to hear it had been made from blue jeans! —Bev McClanahan, Sebastian, FL

Make your own quilt.

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