Idea Gallery: Duct Tape Bookcase

Looking for a simple DIY craft project? Use decorative tape or duct tape to fancy up furniture you're really stuck on.

Readers just like you saw Country Woman’s Duct Tape Craft Frame and adapted it in their own ways. Below is one of our favorite versions of this Country Woman craft.

DIY Duct Tape Bookcase top with patterned tape.

Idea Gallery: Duct Tape Bookcase

I gave my old, scuffed bookcase (see next photo) a facelift by covering the top with patterned duct tape. It's such a fun and easy technique, one project led to another and another. Thanks for the doable idea. —Laurie Gillespie, Waynesville, Missouri

Bookcase with scuffed top.

Idea Gallery: Duct Tape Bookcase

The top of this bookcase looked worn before I transformed it. There's nothing that duct tape doesn't make more awesome.


Refer to the Duct Tape Frame for the basics you’ll need to make your own craft.

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