Idea Gallery: Duct Tape Tray

She made an old tray trendy with our crafty duct tape technique.

Readers just like you saw Country Woman’s Duct Tape Craft Frame and adapted it in their own ways. Below is one of our favorite versions of this Country Woman craft.

TV tray with leopard pattern.

Duct Tape Tray

My daughter asked me to jazz up a TV tray she'd accidentally damaged with nail polish remover (see next photo). Country Woman inspired me to accent it with decorative duct tape. I also gave it a couple coats of clear acrylic finish to make it water resistent. Now it's a showpiece in her apartment. —Laurie Gillespie, Waynesville, Missouri

Tray with damaged finish.


This wooden tray was an eyesore after nail polish remover damaged the surface.

TV tray with leopard pattern.Tray with damaged finish.


Refer to the Duct Tape Frame for the basics you’ll need to make your own craft.

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