What’s It Worth: Children’s Glass Set

Our antiques expert appraises an Akro Agate Glass Water Set to help determine what it's worth today.

Children's glass water glasses and pitcher in green

Children's Glass Water Set

This children's beverage set, made by Akro Agate, mimics the color and patterns used in Depression glass.

Box Lid of dish set with children's picture

Box Lid Of Play-Time Glass Dish Set

Play-Time Glass Dish Sets offered a wide variety of dishware, from toy water glasses to dishes, cups and saucers.

Children's glass water glasses and pitcher in greenBox Lid of dish set with children's picture


I got this set of toy water glasses and a pitcher in the early 1930s. It reminds me of Depression glass. Do you know it’s current value?

—E.C., Maquoketa, Iowa

What’s It Worth?

A: A century ago, a glassmaker became an important player in the emerging children’s toy industry. The Akro Agate Co. began as a leading manufacturer of marbles. With the Depression, it diversified. By 1932, its main product was children’s glass dishware and beverage sets, sold in fitted boxes.

Depression glass is imitated in the interior-panel-pattern water glasses in your Play-Time Dish Set. Such sets came in pastels, amber, lemon yellow, burgundy, hot pink, green, like yours, and every other color in the crayon box.

World War II brought a halt to imported Japanese toys, further increasing the American sets’ popularity. But by the time the import market reopened after the war, new technology had made possible inexpensive tin and plastic products. Akro Agate closed in 1951.

Your  green water glass set with its original box is worth about $155.

—Barbara J. Eash (Country Woman Magazine’s Antiques Expert)

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