What’s it Worth: Papier-Mâché Rabbit

Find out what this papier-mâché rabbit is worth today with an antique appraisal from our expert.

What's it worth?

What's it Worth?

This antique bunny is cute for Easter and Spring, but what's it worth?


My grandfather gave me five of these papier-mâché rabbits, and I’d love to know more about them and an appraisal.

—C.S., Mandan, N.D.

What’s it Worth?

The Easter rabbit has been a holiday fixture since the late 1600s, when German settlers brought the tradition to Pennsylvania. Papier-mâché figures with lifelike features, sometimes known as fiber toys, were made of paper pulp mixed with glue and chalk, then molded until hard. They can remain surprisingly durable so long as they don’t get wet.

Thousands of composition rabbits, made here and abroad and usually ranging from 2 to 8 inches tall, were sold seasonally between 1920 and 1950. Most featured a small container filled with candy and sold for less than a quarter. Your 10-inch rabbit with molded tie and basket is worth about $35 because of the pastel tints; brilliant colors tend to increase value.

—Barbara J. Eash (Country Woman Magazine’s Antiques Expert)



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