What’s it Worth: Roseville Magnolia Vase

Roseville vase with molded flower designs is popular with pottery collectors, but what's it worth today?

Roseville Blue magnolia vase


Magnolia vase by Rosewood Pottery


Our family’s had this 12-inch vase for more than 50 years. Markings on the bottom indicate it’s from Roseville, and it has no cracks or chips. Can you tell me more?

—L.P., Ostrander, OH

 What’s it Worth?

A: Zanesville, Ohio is sometimes called “Clay City” because of its  potteries, including the famous Roseville Pottery, started by George F. Young in 1892. The plant closed in 1954.

With its wide variation of styles, Roseville is the most popularly collected pottery today. Its art pottery was regarded as utilitarian, but was said to “entertain the table setting.” The most sought-after pieces are molded flower designs made after 1930. Your double-handled vase (mold #96-12) is from the Magnolia pattern, introduced in 1943.

Note the bulbous shape, and the basic blue coloring accented in brown. Interest in this particular pattern has skyrocketed lately, and your Magnolia vase is worth about $285.

—Barbara J. Eash (Country Woman Magazine’s Antiques Expert)


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