A Pirate Party for Kids

Young buccaneers will love this kids pirate party adventure to celebrate a birthday.

Kids' Pirate Party

Kids' Pirate Party

Aargh, matey! Wait until those pint-sized pirates get an eyeful of the loot awaiting them at this pirate birthday party!

Cupcake topers

Pirate Party CupcakeToppers

Our fun Jolly Rogers fly proudly from the birthday cupcakes.

Pirate Party Straws

Pirate Party Palm Frond Straws

Sip some grog through tropical straws.

Pirate Party Treat Bags

Pirate Party Treat Bags

Buccaneers will want to save their pirate party plunder in these easy-sew fabric treat bags, perfect for stashing all kinds of treasure.

Pirate Party Map Game

Pirate Party Map Game

Adventure awaits at this pirate party! Send 'em on a treasure hunt, with "old" maps using familiar backyard landmarks.

Pirate Party Buried Treasure

Pirate Party Treasure

Bury your treasure in a few inches of clean sand scooped into a lined bin or inexpensive wooden chest.

Pirate Party Patch Game

Pirate Party Patch Game

Young swashbucklers will enjoy this spin on an old favorite birthday party game.

Kids' Pirate PartyCupcake topersPirate Party StrawsPirate Party Treat BagsPirate Party Map GamePirate Party Buried TreasurePirate Party Patch Game


Avast there, matey! Pirate parties are among the most popular themes for kids’ birthday parties. We’ve put together one with appropriate decorations, food and game ideas to help your favorite little swashbuckler celebrate. So invite your crew to come aboard as you set sail for adventure.

DIY Party Decorations

Kids love to help prepare for their special party, and our Pirate Flag Banner — with a cheery Jolly Roger motif — is easy enough that they can help put it together. You can customize it by choosing the flags you like.

Meanwhile, stitch up a few Fabric Treat Bags—the crew will need these to haul their bounty homeward after the party!  These go together fast, and you can either use your stash or find fun pirate-themed fabric.


Make Folded Paper Boats, one for each guest.  (They’re easy with our photo tutorial, like making old-fashioned newspaper hats. Have your kids help.) Top them, if you like with these Jolly Roger Sails. Just before the guests arrive, fill with wrapped snacks of your choosing. Gold-foil-wrapped coins are a natural, but also think about Hershey’s Nuggets (think bullion), root beer barrels and golden butterscotch discs. Or try individual packets of Goldfish crackers or Swedish fish.

Top off your matey’s favorite cupcakes with Pirate Cupcake Toppers. Or, if you’re not fond of cupcakes, try  Treasure Chest Birthday Cake for a showstopping cake.

Serve grog (that’s  Raspberry Punch or Citrus Lemonade to landlubbers)  with exotic Palm Tree Straws.

And if you’re hosting a meal, consider these kid favorites:  Pirate Ship Sandwich, Snack Loot and Octopus and Seaweed.


Pirates love entertainment! There’s plenty of chances to earn plunder here.

1. Treasure Hunt (see photo)
An X marks the spot for treasure!  Using Kraft paper or brown paper grocery bags, make a big backyard treasure map, or several smaller ones,  to distribute, cutting to desired size. Then “age” it by crumpling and smoothing it back out and then rubbing a brown inkpad over the wrinkles.
Draw the map by hand, using scrapbook stickers or small photos of backyard landmarks as guides. Place clues or small prizes at each stop on the treasure map.
The youngest buccaneers will have an easier time following the map if an adult or older child helps direct them. The map can take them to the next game:

2. Buried Treasure  (see photo)
Before the party, line a large, sturdy container with a garbage bag or heavy plastic. We used an inexpensive wooden chest from a local craft store, but an aluminum or heavy-duty plastic bin will work, too.
Fill with inexpensive play sand (found at most local hardware stores). Bury age-appropriate favors a few inches under the sand; let some show above the surface.
Provide plastic shovels or let the kids use their hands to dig. If you like, you can refill with more favors throughout the party so the kids can enjoy the fun several times.

3. Pin the Eye Patch on the Pirate (see photo)
Help our pirate find his eye patch in this variation on pin the tail on the donkey.
Download our Pin the Patch on the Pirate images; print on letter-size white card stock. Cut out pieces. If you like, make the eyepatches sturdier by gluing them onto cardboard.
Use double-sided tape on the back of each eye patch, or roll loops of tape, sticky side out.
Blindfold each player, in turn, with a bandanna and point toward the pirate. The winner is the child who gets his or her patch closest to the pirate’s eye.

Tips for Fun And Safety

Whether your party includes multiple ages or kids of the same age, you’ll want to keep safety in mind and tailor activities and decorations as needed.

  • Serving trays & dishware. Paper or plastic are safer than glass for small children.  For toddlers, consider spill-proof juice boxes or lidded cups.
  • Foods. Keep common allergens and choking hazards in mind when planning a menu. Keep little ones seated at a table or other designated area while eating.
  • Games, prizes & favors. Make them age-appropriate. If your party has a mix of ages, pair younger children with older ones in teams. Or recruit small guests’ parents to help.
  • Guests. Name tags help keep track of little children. Plan for extra supervision by providing adult or responsible teen helpers, or put guests’ parents to work.
Pirate Party Photography by Country Woman Magazine

Amanda H-W 1 April 29, 2013 at 9:36 pm

These are cute but associating the skull-and-cross bones with tasty treats sends the wrong message. We should teach kids to avoid eating things marked with a symbol used to label poisons.


lori 2 April 30, 2013 at 9:11 am

Amanda, we were surprised to learn that it was partly because pirate play is so popular with kids that the neon green Mr. Yuk symbol was developed more than 40 years ago.


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