Top Tips for Baking Sugar Cookies

Sugar cookie baking tips from Country Woman's test kitchen.

Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies

A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe's decorated sugar cookies. Photography by Jim Wieland.


Country Woman cover girl Laura Courtemanche knows cutout cookies take special care in handling. Our test kitchen offers these simple tips to help make sure your cookie baking is a cut above.

  1. Use a light touch when handling the dough. Over-handling will result in tough cookies.
  2. Refrigerate the dough before rolling for easier handling.
  3. Prevent sticking by lightly dusting with flour both the rolling pin and work surface. Be careful—working too much extra flour into the dough will make the cookies tough.
  4. Roll out a portion of the dough at a time; keep remaining dough in the fridge.
  5. Roll from the center to the edge, keeping a uniform thickness. Check thickness with a ruler. Uneven dough means cookies will bake unevenly, and thinner cookies may burn before thicker ones are done.
  6. Dip your cutter in flour or use nonstick cooking spray to keep dough from sticking to the cookie cutter.
  7. Keep cutouts intact before and after baking by transferring them to and from the baking sheet with a large metal spatula or pancake turner that supports the entire cutout.
  8. Limit designs and colors when decorating. Too many colors and shapes can be overwhelming.
  9. Let decorated cookies dry overnight before packaging them for gift giving or freezing.

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Here are some good tips


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