Fall Party: Caramel Apples

Dip in to scrumptious fun with a fall-flavored caramel apple making party.

Decorated caramel apples on pedestal plate

Caramel Apples

Half the fun of caramel apples is decorating them with delicious fixings.

Amanda Hope cameo

Caramel Apples 3

Amanda Hope has made a sweet business out of tastefully trimming apples.

Amanda dipping caramel apple


A ladle comes in handy for coating an apple with caramel.

Christmas themed caramel apples.


Dress up festive caramel apples at a holiday dipping party.

Decorated caramel apples on pedestal plateAmanda Hope cameoAmanda dipping caramel appleChristmas themed caramel apples.


Amanda Hope’s caramel apples are love at first bite! “I make more than 30 varieties for my home business and website grannsgourmetapples.com,” says Amanda, from Chuckey, Tennessee. “Nothing says fall fun like a caramel apple. Gooey-sweet outside and crisp-tart inside, they taste like autumn on a stick.”

Her apples travel across the country as holiday gifts, fundraisers and wedding favors. “With my two young daughters helping me, I think I have as much fun decorating them as customers do eating them,” she says.

A make-your-own caramel apple bar is an appealing idea for an autumn-themed party. Amanda offers these tasty tips.

Prepare the apples. Have fruit refrigerator-cold; it helps the caramel solidify. Wash and dry apples, and remove stems. Insert wooden skewers, craft sticks or chopsticks.

Make your dip. Use a slow cooker to make the caramel dip. Set temperature to low when you’re ready for people to start dipping.

Top it off. Set up individual bowls of toppings. End with melted chocolate (in a second slow cooker) to drizzle on with a spoon or fork.

Try these combos:

Crackerjack: peanuts and popcorn

S’mores: marshmallows, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate

Apple pie: cinnamon, sugar, granola

Tropical: toasted coconut flakes, dried pineapple or mango bits

Asian: candied ginger, sesame seeds

Naturally good: trail mix or chopped dried fruit

Halloween: candy corn or crumbled candy bars

Jack-o’-lantern: cover with orange Reese’s pieces and use yellow ones to make a face (see photo above)

Sprinkles: in team colors, for homecoming or tailgating

Cookies & cream: crushed Oreos and white chocolate

Here’s an awesome caramel sauce to get your party started!

Photos by Kendall Mathes Photography

Beverly Tate 1 November 13, 2012 at 9:48 pm

Inspired by the picture of these carmel apples, I made several for a benefit auction for my grand-nephew. Little Dalton was born with heart defects and had to have 6 surgeries during his first 7 weeks of life. At the auction the carmel apples brought $45 each totalling $630 bought by one very generous man, he bought them all. Thanks for the inspiration, it went a long way. Dalton is now home and gaining weight on his way to a healthy future.


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