Fourth of July Party Ideas

Get your red, white and blue on with these patriotic craft projects, recipes and ideas for a Fourth of July party.

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Fourth of July Party Ideas

Declare your independence from fussing by brightening your holiday table with this simple layered sand centerpiece . Photography by Jim Wieland.

Fourth of July red, white and blue bunting flag banners

Fourth of July Bunting Flag Banners

Whether you're planning a picnic, barbecue or outdoor buffet, bunting flag banners will liven up the celebration. Photography by Jim Wieland.

Fourth of July ribbon wreath in red, white and blue

Fourth of July Ribbon Wreath

You'll have as much fun making this scrap fabric wreath as you will displaying it. Photography by Jim Wieland.

Paper pinwheel centerpiece in mason jar with cups

Fourth of July Pinwheel Centerpiece In Mason Jar

These playful paper pinwheels will put a patriotic spin on your tablescape. Photography by Country Woman.

Vintage patriotic drink tags on cups

Printable Drink Tags

Toast the holiday with printable vintage drink tags. Photography by Linda Facci.

Fourth of July patriotic picnic canisters with utensils

Picnic Canisters In Red, White And Blue

These snappy canisters do double duty as utensil holders and table decorations. Photography by Country Woman.



Crispy Star Pops are just one of many Country Woman recipes you can take pride in serving as a patriotic dessert. Photography by Country Woman.

it's not hard to pick a theme for this weekend. most party planners will pick red, white and blue but today we're going to help you add a little extra pizazz to your celebration. our goal is to make party planning easy and budget friendly. >> shalana frisby is our party planning guide. she is the craft editor at > thank you for being on shot. >> thank you for having me. >> i hope we can get to all of your great ideas. we've great photos, too, to visualize the things you are saying starting with cool glasses that you can drink out of and create some fun straws. >> yes. with our pirate party, you can find all of this on-line at "country woman" magazine we've palm tree straws and treat bags that you can fill. the kids can take home so it's very versatile. we have little folded paper boats. this treasure box is great because you can fill it with sand and the kids can dig through and find little treasures and treats. >> supercute. >> like a game. >> it is, to keep them busy. you can upsize it in a big wading pool to make it even bigger. >> or hide it in a big sand box in the back yard. >> exactly. >> you made these little straws. >> yes. >> and the boat? >> i made everything, there is directions how to make them and in our june, july issue we have picture directions that make it really easy. >> superfun, great craft for the kids to do for your party. >> but the them to work. >> that's right. make them do all the work. >> some of the different things that you do, too, in terms of, like, flowers to decorate and you do fun things with candles and drinks made out of trees. like that, we have the example on our table but in the photograph, it makes the table look so cute. you basically decorated the vase with tissue paper and ribbon. >> it's very easy. we deck raitt with tissue paper. it's a recycled canister underneath. you are taking what you already have and turning it into something beautiful for your table. so a lot of these are so simple you could do in an hour and have the whole table setting done and have fun with your guests go these are plastic cups and solo cups. what you used is this fun -- >> you can. >> tape. you can decorate each cup to look different so people can remember which cup is theirs. >> the kids can decorate their own cups. lay out a bunch of tapes and markers. let them go after it and decorate. >> you have these cute little votives that you made for a summer corn roast. this time of year we love our sweet corn. this is another themed way to add a little something with the seeds. >> it's very easy to do. you can even hang those so you can hang them. they're pretty sturdy and put a real candle in t. we have a flameless one there. it's very versatile. you can use other recycled containers and it makes it so easy to do. >> i love the way they look hanging in trees. i bet it's a beautiful way to add light to your backyard or patio. >> it is. >> and do cool decorating on aing. >> it really is. it's great for hanging and it'll illuminate when you have an evening party. it's good for a family reunion for corn roast or any gathering. >> you put citronella candles in there. there are other candles if you don't want to use that to help prevent bugs. >> yes. >> all in one craft for that. >> so many of these things, you can get at a dollar store. >> you can. >> you are doing all these wonderful ideas on a budget making everything that much more -- >> so easy. >> fourth of july this weekend, something people are looking forward to. these are some really fun ideas to make it a little more patriotic. >> yes. we have our pin wheels here. >> you make these? >> i made all of those. they're so easy to do and they do spin. they're functional. you use a square piece of paper and you are cutting and folding. >> oh,. >> they're so easy to do. >> where is a good place to get fun paper like that? >> any of your local craft stores have fun paper so you can go to those or specialty scrap booking stores or order on-line. you can find anything up. >> you have the cut paper. >> right. >> then you just put a pin in the back? >> put a pin in. if kids are doing it substitute out you. >> dots and a button. you don't have to use the pin. it makes it a little easier for children if you want them to do it with you but these are great for decorating a centerpiece or put them around your yard. you can -- the kids can play with them. >> i love that. >> they're multifunctional little pin wheels. instructions for those are on the website at country >> my mom is looking for contain e that is a great idea. you made this with some cloth. >> i did. a tin can. you covered it -- it's so easy to do. you save your tin cans after you cut them up. so easy. you can clean them off and cut your fabric and wrap t. use decoupage glue. >> the way you cut that is cute. there are great scissors that you can -- >> you can get five in a pack. some of them willzigzag or rounded scalloped edges. >> these are little paper napkins. i thought they were cloth they look so fancy. >> they're colored napkins. it's so easy and inexpensive to dress up the table. >> this is another thing that you made that people can also find out how to make, this would look fun on a door, a front door hanging from one entry to another. >> on the table. it's so easy to do. you can even buy banner shaped bad so you don't have to cut the triagesles yourself even. it makes it even easier. >> nice. for, in it terms of fourth of july, there is the colored sand, people can get fun centerpiece ideas by going to the magazine, june july issue. i have to know because i love door wreaths. >> that is made out of fabric stores that you pin. so easy. cut up fabric strips, any size. you pin it to your styrofoam wreath base. >> i love that. >> you can use your scraps up. it's great for the fourth of july but make one for over season for your door. >> that's cute. >> you had a couple of leftover items. >> i did. i -- >> i love the colored sand that. is a fun thing for kids to do because you can't mess it up. >> you can't. >> you find red, white and blue sand and layered it. >> you do. you don't have to be careful about it. have your little kids pour it in and help you with it. so easy to do. >> it looks so cool. i love that. in the june/july issue people can find all of the different ideas we talked about today, fourth of july -- >> find the pirate party, some of the 4th of july stuff and for the corn roast go to our website. even have ideas about what corn to buy and how to cook it so you are all set there. it's all on our website. >> i think an old fashioned corn roast is a great august. august and september coming up on newsstand july 9. your theme is natural d. i.q. home spa products to make yourself. >> i tested them all. the recipes are great. it's a lot of inexpensive things from your kitchen. olive oil and other things that you probably already have. >> yeah. >> all right. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you so much. i appreciate it. >> great ideas. superfun. >> thank you for having us on. >> happy fourth of july. >> you too. >> before we head to break let's take a look at the arts picture plus picture of the day. >> this is your granddaughter, milla is 11 and lives in cudahy with her mom and dad. she was just getting ready a little early for this year's fourth of july. >> so sweet. 11 months old. don't forget once a month we select a picture of the day to be professional frame and matted. send ut your best pics. a brand new way to marinate your meat for the summer barbecue. >>" />

Craft Editor Shalana Frisby Talks Patriotic Party Ideas


Gather your friends and family and use these patriotic decorating, entertaining and recipe ideas for this year’s Fourth of July celebration. From festive flag banners to star-spangled desserts, it’s bound to be the most memorable shindig of the summer!

Fourth of July DIY Decorations

You can easily set the scene for your summery soiree with a  Bunting Flag Banner made with scrapbook paper or card stock. Then welcome guests at your doorstep with a Patriotic Ribbon Wreath fashioned from your stash of scrap fabric.

To show your true patriotic colors, adorn your table with a Layered Sand Centerpiece. For an even more festive touch, add nostalgic Paper Pinwheels (so simple to make!)  These can double as fun favors for your guests to take home.

Guests on the move playing horseshoes, croquet, or other lawn games can easily forget where they set down their cup. Make it easy for them with our  Printable Drink Tags, which instantly identify the owner of that blue cup. And keep utensils at hand and neatly organized with these Patriotic Picnic Table Canisters made simply from recycled tin cans. (Bonus: they can help keep pens, markers or crafting supplies organized long after the party’s over.)

Fourth of July Food Ideas

With a just a little imagination, you can make your party menu as aah-inspiring as the fireworks. Whether it’s a classic burgers and hot dogs on the grill or fried chicken and potato salad, your meal can end with some truly outstanding desserts. Salute the Stars and Stripes with American Flag Berry Pie or Crispy Star Pops.

Or go for seasonal fruit,  featured in rave-worthy Patriotic Pizzas and an eye-pleasing Patriotic Dessert made with fresh berries and pudding. Another cool treat—red, white and blue Ice Cream Cupcakes—will delight kids of all ages.

Fourth of July Party Tips

Craft Editor Shalana Frisby suggests keeping little hands both busy and clean by covering a tabletop or two with a couple of layers of inexpensive Kraft paper or plain white wrapping paper. “Secure the edges with tape or adhesive putty and set out crayons and washable markers for kids to doodle,” she says. “And provide a few packages of wet wipes to clean hands and other surfaces afterward.”

Another fun idea: greet adults and kids with a big basket full of unwrapped gifts and let them choose their favor, a tip from CW stylist Pam Stasney . “For kids, it’s toys like jump ropes and yo-yos; for grownups, it’s stationery, playing cards and the like, all inexpensive and festive, and usually purchased at the dollar store.”

Patriotic Playlist

What’s the Fourth of July without some good tunes to listen to while celebrating America’s birthday? Give these a spin:

  • Born in the USA by Bruce Springsteen
  • Back in the USA by Chuck Berry
  • Surfin’ USA by The Beach Boys
  • R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A. by John Mellencamp
  • America the Beautiful by Ray Charles
  • This Land Is Your Land by Woody Guthrie
  • Philadelphia Freedom by Elton John
  • The Star-Spangled Banner by Whitney Houston
  • God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood
  • Living in America by James Brown
  • America by Neil Diamond
  • Rockin’ in the Free World by Neil Young
  • Only in America by Brooks & Dunn

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