Garden Party Ideas

Throw a garden party to remember with these bountiful tips from our expert.

Our Garden Party Planning Expert

Garden Party

Sow successful. Garden Party planning expert, Christine Panzarella (with a soft-sculpture bunny she made). Photography by Jason Wallis


Follow these suggestions from Christine Panzarella (an avid gardener, crafter and cook), and watch your garden party blossom!

Garden Party Ideas: Invitations

  • Mount a snapshot of your garden on the front of a note card, and write party specifics on the back.

Garden Party Ideas: Table Centerpieces

  • Set out mason jars of varied sizes, tie raffia bows around their rims and fill with water and fresh flowers.
  • Place tea light votive candles in mini terra-cotta pots.
  • Turn a flowerpot upside down and glue its matching saucer to the bottom of the pot to make a pedestal serving plate.

Garden Party Ideas: Decorative Accents

  • Scatter artificial butterflies, bumblebees and birds around the house—inside and out.
  • Bring in a freestanding arbor or trellis decorated with flowers, vines or silk garlands.
  • Fill a wheelbarrow with ice to chill beverages—or use it as a gift table.
  • Stuff potpourri into the fingers of a garden glove, and glue a dried floral spray inside the cuff for a sweet-smelling sachet.

Garden Party Ideas: Favors

  • Affix silk flowers and bee accents to lapel pins to make colorful brooches for guests.

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Lisa Wolcott 1 June 14, 2012 at 1:55 pm

I have a recipe for love birds/ bird seed cakes. I can’t find the step-by-step photos. This in the February/March 2012 issue, page 67.
Thank you for your time.


sharon 2 June 14, 2012 at 2:41 pm

Hello, Lisa,

Please find the craft instructions with photos here:


Marjorie Kemp 3 June 23, 2015 at 2:14 pm

I do not have a garden and am not into enterrtaining.


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