Quick Christmas Decorating Ideas

Give your guests a festive welcome with these fast and fun holiday projects.

Tomato Cage Tree

Quick Christmas Decorating Ideas

Decking your house for the holidays doesn't have to be stressful, difficult or time-consuming to be simply beautiful.

Three ice luminarias

Ice Luminarias

6 p.m. the night before: Easy-to-make ice luminarias cast a warm glow. Let them freeze overnight, or if it's not cold enough, use your freezer.

Tomato cage tree with poinsettias

Tomato Cage Christmas Gree

8 a.m. Lighted tomato cage Christmas trees look lovely on display inside or out. Click here for the how-to.

Blue and silver hanging ornaments

Hanging Ornaments

1 p.m. Ornaments hung together on ribbons make a colorful cascade. Hang them from a light fixture or hook.

Blue bows tied on chair backs

Bows Tied on Chairs

3 p.m. Use wide wired ribbon to create easy-yet-elegant bows to hang everywhere—from chair backs to banisters.

Lighted votive candles

Lighted votives

5:30 p.m. The light and fragrance of candles fills the house with warmth and coziness. Arrange several of them in a glowing group.

Cloche on cake stand filled with ornaments

Cloche Filled With Ornaments

5 p.m. Spark your creativity by using a glass cloche to display your vintage glass ornaments. It's perfect as a centerpiece.

Tomato Cage TreeThree ice luminariasTomato cage tree with poinsettiasBlue and silver hanging ornamentsBlue bows tied on chair backsLighted votive candlesCloche on cake stand filled with ornaments


The relatives will be at your doorstep at 6 p.m. ­tomorrow, and you haven’t had a chance to decorate. It’s time for some instant cheer. Here are 6 fun and simple-as-can-be ideas for turning your house from ho-hum to holiday-ready before you can say, “Merry Christmas!”

Light the night

Start making ice luminarias the night before, using plastic ice cream buckets as molds. Pour water into each bucket; place a coffee can, weighted with rocks, in the center to create space for the candle. Freeze until solid. Then unmold ­containers, using hot water if needed to loosen edges. Place a votive in each and put outside, along your walk; light at dusk.

Trim a tree

Fast and frugal ­Christmas decor is as easy as repurposing the tomato cages from your summer garden. Wind lighted garland around them and you have a dazzling tree. Get the how-to.

Hang it up

Add wintry flair anywhere with this hanging ­decoration. Thread ribbon through the top of a ball ­ornament and knot the ends. Make more hanging balls in the same way; slip the knotted end of ribbons over an open binder ring and close it. Hang from a light fixture or hook.

Take a bow

Wrap a festive ribbon around ­everything that’s fit to be tied—from chair backs to banisters. Wide wired ribbon works best to form your beautiful bows.

Make a display

Don’t have the time or space to put up a full-size tree? ­Showcase your treasured ­family ­ornaments in a cloche. To make one, tip the cloche upside down and carefully fill with ornaments. Then cover the bottom with a cake stand. As you push both ends firmly together, slowly turn it right side up again.

Give it a glow

Turn down the lights and fire up the candles—the more, the better. Group them on heirloom china plates or vintage cake stands, or line them up along your mantel. Everything looks prettier by candlelight (and a little dust, less ­noticeable). Too late to make a pie? Kindle an apple-­cinnamon scented candle, and give the whole house a delicious, fresh-baked aroma.

Photography by Country Woman.

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