Tea Party Ideas

Planning a tea party for the girls? Here are some fun ideas for a charming get-together ladies of all ages will enjoy.

Grandma pouring tea at the tea party

Tea Party Ideas

Let's par-tea! Lori Henry easily cozied up to her granddaughters at a special spring tea party. Photography provided by Lori Henry.

Lori Henry with granddaughters at tea party.

Tea Party Ideas

Dressed in their Sunday best, Sadie and Celeste savored kid-pleasing treats with Grandma Lori. Photograhy provided by Lori Henry

Grandma pouring tea at the tea partyLori Henry with granddaughters at tea party.


By Lori Henry
Elkhart, Indiana

For years, I had a notion to open a tearoom. But since I’m the busy wife of a pastor, mother of four and grandmother of eight, I figured any plan would remain a daydream.

Then a couple of years ago, my sister sent me a tea set to share with my granddaughters. A new idea started brewing as a breeze wafted through our sunroom. I set a date and sent Celeste and Sadie formal invitations to my “Welcome Springtime” tea.

Since I was catering to 5-year-old palates, I kept the menu simple—fresh fruit and finger sandwiches of cheese or peanut butter and jelly, tied with pink satin ribbons. I made pastel cookies shaped like butterflies, tulips, daisies and such.

I trimmed the table for the tea party with lacy place mats, strands of pearls, flowers, candles and, of course, the pretty tea set. Teddy bears holding place cards served as favors. Knowing the girls love to play dress up, I’d asked them to wear their Sunday best—plus hats, gloves, fancy shoes, costume jewelry and fun boas. After trading compliments on our outfits, Celeste suggested we call one another, “Your Majesty.”

Steeped in Charm

Classical music played in the background as birds serenaded the tea party from the feeder outdoors. We talked about everything the girls felt like discussing. I can’t remember a time when we laughed together more. We decided to make our tea party an annual tradition. I look forward to setting new places at our table as more granddaughters join the family.

And when I greet them with a china cup and a hug, I know my dream has come true. Welcome to Grandma’s Tearoom!

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