Throwing a Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower for the mom-to-be is a snap with these fun games, gifts, recipes and ideas.

Baby shower fun

Baby Shower

Plan food, games and fun for a wonderful baby shower. Suggested menu: Scrambled Egg Spinach Casserole and Ricotta Scones with Rhubarb-Orange Compote. Photo: RDA-MKE

Baby Shower Invitation

Baby Shower

Eye-catching invite--this is one "envelope" guests won't mistake for junk mail! See how to make it. Photo: RDA-MKE

Baby Shower Advice Album

Baby Shower

It's a baby shower activity and a useful keepsake! Click here for the craft tutorial. Photo: RDA-MKE

Pacifier favor for a baby shower

Baby Shower

Super simple to put together, these favors look adorable arranged on a plate. Get the directions. Photo: RDA-MKE

Rocking Horse Cookies for a Baby Shower

Baby Shower

These Rocking Horse Cookies are a big hit at baby showers. Get the recipe. Photo: RDA-MKE

Mock Champagne for a Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Mock Champagne adds a festive, fizzy touch to a baby shower. Get the recipe. Photo: RDA-MKE

Baby shower funBaby Shower InvitationBaby Shower Advice AlbumPacifier favor for a baby showerRocking Horse Cookies for a Baby ShowerMock Champagne for a Baby Shower


Throwing a baby shower for a special mother-to-be? Let us help with great games, gifts and food ideas from Country Woman magazine readers.

Throwing a Baby Shower: Guide to Games

1. Now, That’s Cute! “Cute” has to be the most common word you hear at a baby shower—so why not have fun with it?  Give each arriving guest a diaper pin, a warning not to lose it if she wanted to win the prize, and a slip of paper with this verse, titled “Cute!”: Place this pin upon your shirt (Don’t worry, it’s not going to hurt). And when you hear another say this special word here today — you get to take her pin away!  Tons of fun, especially when people who’ve collected several pins forget, say the word and lose them all! —Bonnie Hawkins, Burlington, Wisconsin

2. Beanie Bottle Fill a baby bottle with jelly beans, and ask guests to guess the total, giving a prize to the one who comes closest. —Mary Hamilton, Baltimore, Maryland.

3. Savings Start. Instruct guests, on the invitation, to bring a handful of quarters. When each arrives, give her a tag printed not with her name but instead, an item associated with babies, like rattle, diaper or blanket. Throughout the shower, everyone is to call each other by that name on her tag—or forfeit a quarter into a brand-new piggy bank for the baby. Guests who lose all their quarters and use the wrong name have to sing a lullaby, which gets recorded for the baby. Entertaining, and a good start for the baby’s savings account. —Wanda Anderson, Pikeville, Tennessee

4. Feeding Frenzy. This is great for a shower the expectant dad attends. The mom-to-be has to feed Dad a taste of each of seven jars of baby food, and he has to identify each. Of course, you’ve previously removed the labels. Guests predict how many answers Dad will get right. —Carol Krueger, Chicago, Illinois

5. Letter Perfect. Make your gift a guessing game.  Fill a laundry basket with small, individually wrapped gifts, one for every letter of the alphabet. Make sure you label each wrapped gift with its initial.  “R” might be “rattle” and “Q” could be “Q-Tips.” (“L” is the laundry basket.) Guests make a list from A to Z guessing what each present will be. —Barbara Marchant, West Newfield, Maine

6. Time Capsule. Ask gifts to help bring items to fill a time capsule with small items to fill a time capsule. Direct the parents to seal the capsule on the baby’s first birthday, with a “Do Not Open Until” label (indicating a special date in the future, such as the child’s 16th birthday, high school graduation day or birth of their own baby) and tuck it away in a cool dry place like a closet.

 Throwing a Baby Shower: Guide to Gifts

1. Basket Full. For a special niece’s baby shower, I filled a large wicker basket with clothes, diapers and bedding, and wrapped the whole basket in a new crib sheet, the way you’d wrap an Easter basket. I secured it with large diaper pins and pinned rattles, pacifiers, baby shoes and hair bows all around the top. She was thrilled not just with the presents, but also with the pretty basket, which she used to hold clothes and diapers. —Barbara Stanley, Blairsville, Georgia

 2. Keepsake Card. It’s easy to recycle a shower invitation into a card to give the guest of honor. I cut out pictures from the invitation, glue them onto card stock and write a personal message, sometimes including a Bible verse. —Connie Tanner, Sturgeon, Missouri

3. Wrap Artist. The wrapping is always part of my gift for showers. A receiving blanket is the perfect “paper” for a baby shower gift, and a rattle makes a cute trim. —Calleen Dunfee, Jacobsburg, Ohio

4. Laundry Line. This is a good group gift. Buy a number of baby outfits in different sizes, then affix to a clothesline with tiny clothespins. Arrange in a laundry basket so that when the mom-to-be took out the first outfit, she pulls out a line full of clothes. —Shari Haskins, Roulette, Pennsylvania.

5. Get creative. Fold washcloths into chicks or bunnies, or crochet baby booties to make sweet, practical gift-toppers. Or wrap a baby in love with a handknit baby blanket, an angelic crocheted afghan or an adorable ducky bath towel.  Find even more ideas here.

Throwing a Baby Shower: Guide to Remote Showers

When the mother-to-be can’t travel back home to see friends and family, bring the party to her. Reader Lynda D. Koehler of Paupack, Pennsylvania, recalls asking guests to bring their presents, unwrapped, for everyone to exclaim over, then to wrap the presents at the party. Once the guests left, Lynda packaged up the presents, decorations, favors, disposable cameras and leftover plates, napkins and cups, then sent them to a friend who lived nearby. She invited mutual friends and the mother-to-be for a surprise shower.

Similarly, Janice Williams of Anniston, Alabama, held a “Backward Shower” for which guests brought unwrapped gifts and wrapping supplies. She took video of each guest holding her wrapped present and saying a few words to the expectant mom. When the guest of honor watched the video, just before opening the gifts, she saw her mom cut the cake and heard all her friends’ warm wishes.

Throwing a Baby Shower: Guide to Food 

In addition to the ideas pictured, consider  making a specially decorated cake, cupcake rattles or tiny handprint/footprint cookies







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