1. Fill a large disposable container with enough vinegar to submerge the planter.
  2. Soak planter in vinegar for about 24 hours, or until you get the look you want.

Here are other ways to age metal items:

For a patina effect on gold- or copper-colored metals:

  1. Mix a 3:1 solution of apple cider vinegar and sea salt or non-iodized salt.
  2. Dip the object or spray it, repeating until you get the patina you want.
  3. Protect the patina by applying a clear polyurethane sealer.

For a shabby-chic effect on painted metals:

  1. If the surface isn’t painted, base-coat it the color you want and let dry.
  2. Rub an old wax candle along the edges and corners of the painted surface.
  3. Paint a coordinating color on top of the wax and base coat; let dry.
  4. Lightly rub abrasive steel wool across waxed edges and corners, removing thin streaks of paint to reveal base color.

Antiquing Metal project and photography by Country Woman craft editor Shalana Frisby.