1. Download and print leaf pattern.
  2. Separate tan embroidery floss and thread needle with three strands for all stitching.
  3. For illustration of blanket stitch and stem stitch, consult stitch chart.


  1. Trace leaf pattern onto a 3-1/2-in. square of paper-backed fusible web.
  2. With grain lines matching, fuse traced pattern onto wrong side of tan solid fabric following manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. When cool, cut out leaf following outline of pattern. Discard shaded area.
  4. Remove paper backing.
  5. Referring to photo for position, fuse leaf cutout diagonally onto 6-in. square of off-white solid fabric.
  6. Use quilter’s marking pen or pencil to draw stem at base of leaf as shown on pattern.
  7. Blanket-stitch around inside and outside edges of leaf.
  8. Stem-stitch over lines of stem.
  9. Cut a 5-1/2-in. square of paper-backed fusible web.
  10. Fuse the web centered on the wrong side of the appliquéd off-white square.
  11. With the design centered, trim the appliquéd tan square to a 5-in. square.


  1. Remove the paper backing from the appliquéd off-white square and fuse it diagonally to the right side of one of the green felt squares. Let cool.
  2. Blanket-stitch around outside edges of off-white square.
  3. Use quilter’s ruler and quilter’s marking pen or pencil to draw a line 1-in. from the outside edges of the off-white square. Extend each of the lines to outside edges of the 12-in. felt square. (The lines will intersect on each side of the felt square.)
  4. Blanket-stitch over marked lines as shown in photo.
  5. Using embroidery floss, sew a button to each corner of the off-white square and to the point where the blanket stitching intersects on the felt piece.


  1. Pin the 12-in. felt squares together with wrong sides facing and edges matching.
  2. Blanket-stitch the two layers together, stitching around the outside edges and leaving a 10-in. opening along one side. Do not cut floss.
  3. Insert pillow form into pillow.
  4. Continue blanket-stitching as before, closing opening.
  5. Sew a button to each outer corner of the pillow.

FINISHED SIZE: Pillow measures about 12 inches square.

 Appliqued Leaf Pillow Pattern craft originally sent in by Mary Ayres of Boyce, Virginia.