1. Click on “Arrows & Heart embroidery pattern” and download.
  2. Place center panel in embroidery hoop. Trace pattern in center with fabric marker.
  3. Backstitch the arrow pattern. Satin stitch the heart in contrasting color. (See stitch chart.)
  4. Fold center panel edging in half lengthwise, wrong sides together. Place panels on top of center panel (right side up) with long raw edges aligned. Sew together with ¼-in. seam allowance.
  5. With right sides together, line up long raw edge of side panels with long raw edge of center panel. Sew together with ½-in seam allowance. Repeat on opposite side with other panel. Press seams towards center, taking care not to iron over leather.
  6. Topstitch the center panel just inside the seams.
  7. Iron fusible fleece to the wrong sides of front and back panels.
  8. Place front panel with right side up. Put zipper on top of front panel, face down, with edge of zipper tape aligned with top raw edge of panel. Place lining, right sides together, on top of front panel with short raw edge aligned with top raw edge of front panel and edge of zipper tape. Using zipper foot, sew through all layers with ¼-in. seam allowance. Repeat on other side of zipper tape with back panel and lining.
  9. Lay the front and back panels together and the lining panels together. Sew around the edges of lining and main panels leaving a 3-in. opening at the bottom of lining for turning.
  10. To make box corners at base, make a triangle with the corner by making a corner a point with the side seam and bottom seam lining up. Sew across the corner 2-in. down from the point. Repeat for corners of panel fabric and lining fabric. Trim all corners.
  11. Turn pouch right side out and sew opening in lining closed. Tuck lining into pouch and press.

Arrows & Heart Embroidery Craft Project and Photos c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Beverly McCoullough of Flamingo Toes.

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