Download and print Fig. 1.

Refer to Fig. 1 while making star as instructed. Wear gloves to protect your hands.

  1. Stack two pieces of barbed wire with ends even. Wrap jute string several times around them about 1/2 inch from top. Knot securely and cut excess jute string.
  2. With bottom ends even, place another piece of barbed wire on top of barbed wire piece on the right. Slip newly added barbed wire piece under piece on the left. Tie as before.
  3. In the same way, place fourth barbed wire piece on the newly added piece, making sure it is under the barbed wire piece on the right. Tie as before.
  4. Add fifth barbed wire piece to the right-hand end of the piece just added. All pieces should cross in the center in an over-under pattern. Tie as before.
  5. Cut a 12-inch length of jute string and knot ends together for hanging loop. Place loop through top star point and thread knot through loop. Pull on knotted end to form hanging loop.
  6. Add a bit of glue to each knot on back to secure. Let dry.
  7. Following manufacturer’s instructions, spray star with gloss varnish. Let dry.
  8. Wrap berry garland around your finger to coil. Glue garland to front of star as shown.
  9. Tie torn fabric strip into a bow and glue to star.

STAR BARBED WIRE ORNAMENTS – FINISHED SIZE: Wire ornament measures about 7 inches wide x 7 inches high without hanging loop.

CRAFTER’S NOTE: My mother and I made Star Barbed Wire Ornaments for a family reunion and attached this poem I wrote.

The Barbed Star

I’ve seen glowing sunsets, turned back wandering sheep,
And listened to frogs in spring as they peep.
I’ve been smothered by thistles, and covered with snow,
Frozen in ice, and a roost for the crows.
I may look all rusty and useless to some,
But looks are deceiving, a use—I have one…
To remind you that you’ll always have a home here in the hills,
A place to come whenever you wish, as long as the good Lord wills.

Robin Kile, Franklin, West Virginia


Star Barbed Wire Ornaments craft idea originally sent in by Robin Kile of Franklin, West Virginia.
Star Barbed Wire Ornaments Photo by Country Woman Magazine.