1. Download and print keepsake quilt figures.
  2. Pre-wash quilt fabrics without fabric softeners, washing colors separately. If water from red fabric is discolored, wash again until rinse water runs clear. Dry and press. Do all piecing with accurate 1/4-inch seams and right sides of fabric together. Press seams toward darker fabrics when possible.


  1. Cut keepsake quilt strips using rotary cutter and quilter’s ruler or scissors, water-soluble or quilt marker and ruler, cutting strips crosswise from selvage to selvage.
  2. Cut these keepsake quilt strips from red solid: seven 2- x 22-inch, three 3- x 22-inch and two 3- x 44-inch (binding).
  3. Cut these keepsake quilt strips from white solid: nine 2- x 22-inch and one 4-1/2- x 23-inch (optional hanging sleeve).
  4. Cut these keepsake quilt strips from navy with white stars print: six 2- x 22-inch, one 3- x 22-inch and one 3- x 44-inch (binding).


  1. Lay the 22-inch keepsake quilt strips out to look like a flag as shown in Fig. 1, with 3-inch-wide strips at both top and bottom of each section. Stitch together as shown to form two 22-inch-square sections (including seams). Press. Do not join right section to left section.
  2. Square up and discard the raw ends of both sections. Cut each section vertically into pieces of varying widths (1 to 3 inches) as shown in Fig. 2, setting aside the excess pieces of each section to make the flag proportionate. (Measurements shown are approximate. Vary widths of pieces so each flag has its own distinctive “wave”.)
  3. Shift the vertical pieces as shown in Fig. 3. Stitch vertical pieces back together, making sure seams are sewn in the direction they were pressed.
  4. Trim upper and lower edges of quilt top to form a smooth curving edge.
  5. Place backing wrong side up on a flat surface and smooth out wrinkles. Place batting over backing and smooth out. Center quilt top over batting, right side up, again smoothing out wrinkles.
  6. Pin-baste by placing safety pins about every 3 inches or hand-baste through all three layers, stitching from center to corners, then horizontally and vertically every 3 inches until the entire top is held together.
  7. If desired, mark quilting lines by using water-soluble fabric marker or quilt marker to mark smooth curving lines following the stripes of the quilt, making lines 1/2 to 3/4 inch apart.
  8. Use invisible quilting thread on top and thread to match backing in the bobbin, or thread to match each stripe in both, to machine-quilt as follows: Start straight-stitching at the center of the quilt in smooth curving lines 1/2 to 3/4 inch apart. Remove pins as you stitch or basting stitches when quilting is completed.
  9. Stitch 1/8 inch from all edges of top. Trim edges of backing and batting even with top.


  1. Stitch ends of 3- x 44-inch red solid strips together to make one long strip (red strip). Fold wrong sides together lengthwise and press. Fold wrong sides of 3- x 44-inch navy with white stars print strips (navy strip) together lengthwise and press.
  2. With raw edges of folded red strip matching raw edges of keepsake quilt and end folded back 1/2 inch toward the wrong side, sew binding to front of striped section of quilt, beginning at top right edge of navy with white stars section, easing in extra binding on outside curves and pulling binding tight as you stitch inside curves (Fig. 3) and folding and mitering corners (Figs. 4a and b).
  3. When about 3 inches from opposite edge of navy with white stars section, position folded navy strip, matching raw edges of strip to raw edges of quilt and folding end back 1/2 inch to match edge of section. Place red strip over navy strip and trim red strip so excess overlaps navy strip by 1/2 inch. Continue stitching binding around quilt, trimming end of navy strip to overlap beginning of red strip by 1/2 inch.
  4. Fold binding to back of keepsake quilt, mitering corners and hand-stitching folded edge in place over seam.

HANGING SLEEVE (optional):

  1. Finish the short ends of the 4-1/2- x 23-inch white solid hanging sleeve piece by folding under 1/4 inch twice and edgestitching inside fold. Press under 1/4 inch on both long edges, then pin the sleeve with top edge straight across back of quilt just below the lowest curve of the top edge. Hand-stitch both folded edges to the backing only.

FINISHED SIZE: Bargello Flag Keepsake Quilt measures about 21 x 24 inches.

Bargello Flag Keepsake Quilt Craft originally sent in by Shelley Senteney of Greenwood, Indiana