1. Remove backing, glass and inserts from frame. Lightly sand surface; wipe off dust with cloth. Apply base coat of paint with flat paintbrush. Apply as many coats as needed for full coverage, letting dry between coats.
  2. Lay frame right side up on kraft paper or scrap card stock. Use a sponge brush to apply a very thick layer of decoupage glue to the front of the frame. Wipe off any excess that runs down the sides.
  3. While glue is still wet, sprinkle on the legumes, covering the entire area. Do not move the frame or shake off excess yet—let glue dry completely. (Ours set overnight.)
  4. Pick up frame and gently shake off excess legumes. If there are bare spots, repeat glue and legume application and let dry again before shaking off excess.
  5. Once frame is covered to your liking and dry, apply a thick layer of glue to seal. Drizzle glue directly onto the covered surface, then spread gently across the entire area with sponge brush. Let glue dry completely before using frame.

DIY Frame Photography by Country Woman.