Covering the Canvas with Fabric:

  1. Place canvas face down, centered on wrong side of fabric.
  2. Starting at the center of one side, fold fabric edge over the back of canvas and staple into wooden frame securing in place. Directly across, on the opposite side, pull the fabric tightly without stretching it and staple in place as before. Continue in same manner for other two sides.
  3. Then working from the center to the corners on each side, pull fabric taught and staple around perimeter saving corners for last. For corners, fold the fabric in and up like wrapping a present so the crease is at the corner, then staple in place on the back.

Preparing the Tissue Paper Flowers:

  1. Fold a few tissue paper sheets over and over again until the width is the width of the desired size flower (about 3- to -5 in. across). Cut off extra and cut through folds on all sides resulting in a stack of square tissue papers.
  2. Taking a few squares at a time, fold them in half. Then fold them in thirds forming crossing points along the folded edges.
  3. Cutting through all layers at once, cut the top into a rounded curve like a petal.
  4. Unfold layers forming a stack of flowers. Continue folding and cutting a few sheets of square tissue paper at a time for desired number of flowers.

Assembling the Birthday Number Sign:

  1. With the chalk pencil or fabric pen, freehand draw the number centered on the canvas as a single line. Then go around it and box it out to a fuller number shape.
  2. For each flower, twist the center into a small stem. Then push the stem to the side flattening the flower slightly.
  3. Beginning at one end of the drawn number, use hot glue to fill the interior of the number with flowers. Overlap flowers so that no fabric background shows through. Continue until entire number is covered.

Birthday Number Sign c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Jacinda of Prudent Baby.

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Birthday Number Sign photography by Jacinda Boneau.