GAUGE: One hexagon shape measures 2-1/2 inches across from straight edge to straight edge or 3 inches across from point to point.


HEXAGON (Make one yellow and six red):

  1. Rnd 1: Ch 2 (remembering that the lp on hk never counts as a ch); work 6 scs in second ch from hook: count 6 scs. Mark the last st with a safety pin.
  2. Rnd 2: Continuing to work in rnds, not rows, work 2 scs in next st and in each remaining st around: count 12 scs. (Remove safety pin just before working the last st and use it to mark the last st of this rnd.)
  3. Rnd 3: * Work 1 sc in next st, 2 scs in next st; rep from * around, moving safety pin as before: count 18 scs.
  4. Rnd 4: * Work 1 sc in each of next 2 sts, 3 scs in next st; rep from * around, moving safety pin as before: count 30 scs.
  5. Rnd 5: Sc in each of first 3 sts; * (sc, ch 1, sc) in next st, sc in each of next 4 sts; rep from * four more times; work (sc, ch 1, sc) in next st; remove safety pin and join with a sl st in last st. Fasten off and use a tapestry needle to weave in all loose ends.

ASSEMBLY: Thread tapestry needle with red yarn. The side of the hexagon that faces you as you crochet is the back side. With back sides together, match a straight edge of one red hexagon to a straight edge of the yellow hexagon and whipstitch together, inserting the needle under the back lps of each hexagon with every st. See Blooming Pot Holder Fig 1.

To the adjoining straight edge of the yellow hexagon, whipstitch another red hexagon, then whipstitch the red hexagons together where the edges meet. Continuing in this manner, stitch the remaining red hexagons around the yellow hexagon.

Hanging loop: With a red slip knot on hk, insert hk in the center st along any straight edge and make 1 sc; ch 10 and sl st in the same st as first sc. Fasten off and weave in loose ends.

FINISHED SIZE: The pot holder measures 7-3/4 inches across, excluding loop.


  • ch(s) chain(s)
  • dc(s) double crochet(s)
  • hdc(s) half double crochet(s)
  • hk hook
  • sc(s) single crochet(s)
  • sk skip or skipped
  • sp space
  • sl st slip stitch
  • tr(s) triple crochet(s)
  • beg beginning
  • lp(s) loop(s)
  • rep repeat
  • rnd(s) round(s)
  • RS right side
  • sl slip
  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • tog together
  • WS wrong side
  • yo yarn over
  • * or [ ] Instructions after * or ­between brackets are ­repeated a ­given number of times.
  • ( ) Instructions in ­parentheses are all worked in one stitch or space as ­indicated.

Blooming Crocheted Pot Holder from Dianna Hutchison of Carlsbad, New Mexico