1. Add a jump ring to each of the gold metal leaf beads or charms.
  2. Use pliers to close the eye of each eye pin. The eye will be the top of the stem of each of the blueberries and must be closed so it does not come off the beading wire.
  3. To an eye pin, add one bugle bead, the jump ring of one of the leaf beads, another bugle bead, a bead cap, a blue bead and a seed bead. Use pliers to coil the end of the eye pin so it forms another small eye. Use side cutters to cut off excess end of eye pin. Repeat to make a total of seven blueberries.
  4. Carefully bend the stems of each of the blueberries a bit to make them hang in different directions.
  5. Thread one blueberry onto the length of beading wire. On each side of the blueberry add one bugle bead and one crimp bead. Center the blueberry “stem” on the beading wire. Crimp each crimp bead, being careful not to touch any part of the bugle beads or they may break.
  6. *Add a crimp bead to one end of the beading wire. Crimp the bead in place about 1 in. from the “stem” of the center bead. Add one bugle bead, one blueberry, one bugle bead and one crimp bead. Hold all the items together along the beading wire and crimp the crimp bead to keep them in place. Repeat from * two more times to add two more sets.
  7. Repeat from * to add three sets of beads to the other side of the necklace as before.
  8. To finish, string one crimp bead, two bugle beads, one crimp bead and one side of the clasp to one end of the necklace. Thread 1-in. of beading wire back through all the crimp beads and bugle beads. Slide all the beads back toward the clasp. Crimp each of the crimp beads to secure the beading wire. Trim short end of beading wire close to first crimp bead. Repeat on the other end of the necklace to add the other side of the clasp.

Finished Size: Necklace is about 21 inches long.


Craft originally sent in by Janine Krueger of Oshkosh, Wisconsin