1. Use metal hole punch pliers to make two holes centered opposite each other on cap edge.
  2. Put bottle cap, top facing up, on a sturdy surface. Gently strike with mallet in a circular motion until it flattens completely. (The edges will turn up.)
  3. Use circle punch to punch a circle from a photo or scrapbook paper.
  4. Put a dab of glue on cap center and spread with toothpick. Center image on glue and smooth out bubbles. Wipe excess glue from edges. Let dry.
  5. Center epoxy sticker on top of image. Press firmly in place.
  6. Attach a jump ring through each hole. Use long-nose pliers to open ring by carefully twisting ends sideways. (Do not pull apart.) Slide ring through hole. Add dangling charms as desired (see instructions below) and close jump ring; place on chain.

Dangling Charms
Bright bits of color that accent your pendants, these charms are quick and easy to make.

  1. For each charm, place a few beads (or crystals) on a head pin.
  2. Holding bead firmly in place at the bottom of the pin, bend head pin wire at a 90-degree angle against the bead.
  3. With wire cutters, clip wire about 1/4 in. from bend. Place round-nose pliers at wire end and roll the wire over to form a closed loop on top of bead.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Want to see the tools used to make this project? Download our jewelry tools gallery.

Bottle Cap Pendant craft designed by Craft Editor Shalana Frisby.

Bottle Cap Pendant photos by Country Woman magazine. Photo tutorial by Shalana Frisby.