k: knit



  1. 4 sts and 4 rows = 1 inch. Slight variations in gauge will change finished size a bit.


  1. Cast on 15 sts.
  2. K every row until piece measures about 27 in.
  3. Next row: K 8 sts, place next 7 sts on stitch holder.
  4. K the 8 sts on the needle for 4 in.
  5. Place the 7 sts onto the needle and place the 8 sts on stitch holder. Cut the yarn, leaving an 8-in. tail. Make a loose knot in yarn to prevent raveling.
  6. Leaving an 8-in. tail of yarn, attach yarn to the sts on the needle and k for 4 in.
  7. Beginning at the edge of the 8 sts, k across all 15 sts.
  8. K each row for another 3 in.
  9. Bind off all sts.
  10. Use yarn or tapestry needle to weave in all loose ends.

Finished size: Scarf measures about  4 inches wide x 28 inches long.

Editor’s Note: Use your pile of leftover yarn and half-used skeins to make several of these charming scarves. Don’t be afraid to combine whatever colors you have on hand to create unique striped patterns.

Buttonhole Scarf knitting project originally sent in by Lois Westlund of Winfield, Illinois.

Buttonhole Scarf knitting project  photography by Country Woman.