1. To begin, tear your muslin into long 4 inch wide strips and then wrap your foam wreath form.

2. Secure the muslin to the foam form with straight pins.  Next, you need to cut your canvas into ROUGHLY 4×4 inch squares.  Don’t worry about exact measurements pretty close works perfect for this project.

3. Once you have your squares cut, start with the red and take one square and fold in half and then fold in half again.  Take a straight pin and pin it to the wreath form.

4. Continue to fill in a row of red, working them close together to give it a nice full effect.  Wimpy wreaths look sad, so don’t be stingy! Alternate one row of red followed by two rows of white until the entire wreath is filled in. Tie your black ribbon into a bow and affix the bow to the wreath with a couple of pins.  Voila, you’re finished!

Candy Cane Wreath Tutorial c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Heather Thoming of

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