1. Download candy corn goodie bag pattern and cut out.
  2. Cover entire back of pattern with glue and affix to white card stock, smoothing bubbles out with your hand. Let dry. Cut out around pattern edge.
  3. Bend corners of pattern toward each other, overlapping straight edges about 1/2 inch to form a wide cone. Glue overlapping edges in place. Use clear tape on interior of cone for stability.
  4. Use 1/8-inch hole punch to make two small holes opposite each other about 1/4 inch down from rim of cone.
  5. Cut a 16-inch length of ribbon. Thread about 1-1/2 inches of ribbon end through one hole. Tie knot in ribbon end to secure in place. Repeat with other ribbon end for opposite hole to form handle.
  6. Use scalloped, round or oval punch to create tag from yellow card stock.
  7. Make a hole with star punch about 1/8 inch from edge of tag. Cut a 6-inch length of orange string or yarn. Thread through hole in tag and tie to secure in place. Use orange pen to write name on tag. Tie tag to ribbon handle.
  8. Fill treat bag with candy or party favors. Hang, set on table or pass out to party guests.

Candy Corn Goodie Bags Photo by Country Woman Magazine