1. Print and cut out ornament templates. Trace them onto your patterned papers and cut out.
  2. Use scrapbooking adhesive to attach the two pieces together, as shown in photo. Hold your truffle mold up to a well-lit window (or a light box, if you have one), and place a piece of copy paper on top of it. Use a pencil to carefully trace the outline of the shape of the mold. Carefully cut a scant 1/8″ outside of this traced line around the perimeter of the circle. Use this circle as a template to trace two circles on the front of your ornaments. Carefully cut out each circle, so that your ornaments have open centers, as shown.
  3. Position your ornament piece on the front of your blank card, and use the center openings to trace two circles onto your card. (Make sure to position your ornaments exactly as you want them to appear on your finished card as you trace.) Cut out the centers of the circles just traced as you did in the previous step. Use adhesive to affix your ornament piece over this opening, so that the edges of the circle openings are all precisely aligned.
  4. Trim one of your pre-folded cards in half. Position one of the halves inside your outer card, making sure all of the edges are precisely aligned. Use a pencil to trace off the trimmed circles from the front of your card onto this centerpiece. Trim the centers away from the circles you just traced, just as you did in the preceding steps. Run adhesive around three outer edges and above the open circles on the front this piece, leaving the short edge closest to your circles open, as shown. Set this piece aside for now.
  5. Trim around one of your circle molds, making sure to leave a 1/4″ border all the way around it. Apply three dabs of hot glue on the back of the circle openings on your card front, as shown, and then push the shapes up and through the circle windows on front of your card, pressing firmly to adhere them securely.
  6. Grab the centerpiece you created, and affix it behind your card front, so that the circle openings are precisely aligned. Embellish your card front with your ornament toppers, letter stickers and ribbon, as desired. For the sliding “door” of your card, affix a small loop of ribbon to the back of your gift card with hot glue. Now, open up your card, and fill your circle molds with candy, being sure not to overfill the space. Slide your gift card through the side opening between your center piece and your card front (this is why we only applied adhesive to three sides of our card center), so that it covers the candy-filled circle openings as it slides through.

Christmas Gift Card Holder c/o Country Woman’s featured blogger Amy Bell of Positively Splendid.

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Photos by Amy Bell