Embroidered Card:

  1. Download pattern and stitch illustration. Lightly trace, in pencil, the outline of the pattern, centered on front of the card.
  2. Using all six strands of green floss and the embroidery needle, backstitch tree outline, leaving unstitched the top of the trunk and base of the star.
  3. Backstitch the trunk outline, using all six strands of brown, and the star outline, using all six strands of yellow.
  4. Use tacky glue to adhere buttons to tree. Let dry.
Paper or Fabric Card:

  1. Download pattern as for embroidered card.
  2. Lightly trace, in pencil, pattern outline of star onto yellow paper or fabric, trunk onto brown and tree onto green. Cut out each piece.
  3. With sponge brush and tacky glue, affix tree to card’s center front and then the star and trunk. Let dry.
  4. For fabric version, use a brown pen to outline the star, trunk and tree.
Christmas card idea photos by Country Woman magazine