Directions (for a set of two, a boy and a girl):

  1. Paint one clothespin green, the other, dark green. Once they’re dry, paint the round tops off-white.
  2. Cut two red felt rectangles: 3/8- x 1-3/4-in. for the girl, 3/8- x 1-in. for the boy. Center on top of heads as in photo; affix. Trace outline of each head onto back of felt; cut out shapes and place one on the back of each head, covering paint.
  3. Cut a 1- x 1-3/4-in. rectangle from dark green felt for the girl’s skirt. Adhere, wrapping around pin slightly below where hair ends. Cut a 1/2- x 1-3/4-in. rectangle from brown felt for the boy’s vest. Adhere, wrapping around pin below head.
  4. Stick a shamrock on the front of the boy’s vest and the girl’s skirt. With glue dots, add the gingham bow to the girl’s skirt.
  5. Attach eyes to faces with glue dots; draw a U-shaped nose and mouth with a permanent marker.

St. Patrick’s Day Clothespin Leprechaun Photography by Country Woman.