Gauge: In garter stitch (knitting each row) with doubled strand of yarn, 7 sts and 10 rows = 2 inches.

SLIPPERS (Make 2): Work with two strands held together throughout. With first color, cast on 27(29,31) sts.

Row 1: K 3, p 1, k 19(21,23), p 1, k 3.

Row 2: K 10(11,12), p 1, k 5, p 1, k 10(11,12).

Rows 3-12(3-14,3-16): Repeat Rows 1-2 five(six,seven) more times.

Row 13-14(15-16,17-18): Keeping in pattern as established, bind off 4 sts at beginning of each row: 19(21,23) sts remaining at end of Row 14(16,18). Cut first color, leaving yarn end to weave in.

Row 15(17,19): With second color, k 1, (p 1, k 1) across.

Row 16(18,20): P 1, (k 1, p 1) across.

Rows 17-24(19-28,21-32): Repeat Rows 15-16(17-18,19-20) four(five,six) times.

Row 25(29,33): (K 1, k 2 tog) six(seven,seven) times, k 1(0,2): 13(14,16) sts remaining.

For all sizes: Cut yarn, leaving a 12-inch yarn end. Use tapestry needle to draw end through sts on needle and gather up tightly.

Use yarn end to sew second-color edges together up to bound-off sts. Fold row of cast-on sts in half, matching first st to last. Use beginning yarn end to sew back seam to fold. Fold down ends of first rows to p sts for cuff. Weave in remaining yarn ends.

Pom-pom: Place a separate 10-inch piece of yarn over cardboard. Wrap third color yarn 100 times over cardboard. Tie loops tightly along one edge of cardboard with the 10-inch yarn piece. Slide loops off cardboard. Cut loops op­posite tie. Trim to rounded shape. With 10-inch yarn ends, stitch pom-pom securely to slipper at end of bound-off sts.

Repeat all steps for second slipper.


  • k knit
  • p purl
  • sl slip
  • st(s) stitch(es)
  • ssk slip, slip, knit
  • tog together
  • * Instructions following asterisk are repeated as directed.

Finished size:

Directions are for a Toddler’s Small. Changes for sizes Medium and Large are in parentheses. Slipper length is 4(4-3/4,5-1/2) inches.

Colorful Toddler Slippers created by Jeannine LaRoche of Brooksville, Florida.